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Moooooore Nighthaunt!!! LOL

I don’t think I will ever finish these guys, but it is OK, I enjoy painting them.

I have a very bad habit of being a completionist. Some will say this is a good thing, but when I am painting armies that can have 100’s of troops, this tends to burn me out… FAST!

So after talking to some fellow hobbyists, I am trying to set goals, then switching to another project. I have to say, I am really enjoying painting more and I am not burning out painting my armies/larger sets of minis.

So lately I painted a set of Nighthaunt ghosties, then I moved to assemble my Kingdom Death game, then I went back to nighthaunt ghosties, then to some Random DnD minis for a game I am in. I have been a lot more motivated to hobby since doing this. So if you are having any troubles with slapping paint on some minis, try mixing up your routine a bit. I find that it keeps me refreshed and makes me want to get to the next goal to start on the new thing, not just knowing after I paint these 20 tactical marines, I will paint the 30 regular ones afterward :)

Anyway, here is a bit of the work I have been doing lately.  The I have all of my ghost troops ready (The bases aren’t finished in the pics) so now I can take my time with some of the special guys. I knocked out the DnD stuff in one sitting for about 4 hours, I was pretty happy with that. I will have more pics of ghosties in a couple weeks!!!!