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Hey everyone, 

Welcome to the first ever hobby blog on the new PATM webiste. I hope that we can use the blogs as a way to communicate with each other and to motivate, inspire, and work together in our geeking. 

Landy, Jody, and I will all be providing hobby blogs, you will hear from me every third week.

This way I get time to beaver away getting some hobbying done but it also gives you a chance to see a wider variety of models, projects, and personalities. Please make sure you let me know your thoughts on the blog & take time to interact and tell us what you are doing. If you are painting the same models, using the same techniques then make sure you add them in the comment section below. We hope that this is a blog of what we are all doing and not just us. I will personally be looking forward to reading both Landy & Jody’s blogs, looking to pick up tricks, hints, or just being nosey and seeing what they are up to. 

But anyway, without further ado let me get on to what I am up to!!!

So over the summer I received the A Song of Ice & Fire game by C’MON via their kickstarter campaign. I have always loved the books and more recently the TV show and so it was music to my ears when I heard about the game and the KS. About 3 weeks ago I cracked open the boxes and began to play the game and appreciate the minis. If you arent already aware I just moved continents so all my paints are in transit, which sucks, but I have managed to get a few paints together to begin painting my forces.

The box set comes with both a Lannister and a Stark base force. Lots of cloth & metal. Also the models are preassembled which makes it easier initially with one less job to do but also prevents different poses and stances, that being said there are 4 different sculpts per unit. 

I have played and enjoyed the game about 5 times so far and I really like it, it is not too complicated to understand but there is depth there in regard to the political intrigue you can wreak on your opponent via your tactics deck and Non Combat Units (NCU’s). NCU’s stay off the battle field and can be placed on a number of slots on the side of the game board offering buff or nerfs to units. The NCU’s are characters from the book and to be honest I love it. Cersei is such a bitch and nerfs a unit by making their morale lower. Sansa enables you to search for or retrieve a card from your deck to re use it or to play it at the most opportune time. From a hobbying point of view it is exciting to be able to paint models of characters I have enjoyed for years, and the fact that there is a game to play also which exhibits their traits and characteristics is even better!

I began painting a unit of Stark Bowmen, just trying to get the base colours down for use for the rest of the faction. I nerded around on the internet and facebook for a while trying to find a style I liked. I landed on a cold blue type theme, which to be honest isnt original but I felt it really fitted with how I see them and they are portrayed. If you want specific colours then just let me know I dont want to get too bogged down in technicalities. As you can see they are nearly there but I am leaving the bowmen how you see them until the rest of my paints get here so I can embellish them a little more, the base especially.

So after being happy with the test unit I then turned my attention to the terrain that was an extra in the kickstarter campaign. I went ‘balls deep’ on the kickstarter pledge getting a neoprene mat & all of the terrain on offer. One because it was a good price but also because the terrain will be transferable into any 28/32mm Fantasy/Historical game. So I am set for AOS/Kings of War etc. 

I knew I had the colours to complete the terrain so I started getting ‘crackin’ with the knackin’ with that and threw down a base colour, a wash, a dry brush on the trees, the hedges, the stakes, & palisade fences. Pretty straight forward, wont win any awards but really helps to bring the battlefield to life. 

So there you go, thats what I have been up to for the last few weeks, along with painting up some test models for Kill Team, again using a limited pallet as my stuff is still enroute. 

What have you been painting? What do you think of the terrain? Did you pick up the ASOIAF game? How do you like it? 

Message below with any of these Q’s or if you want to ask anything else then please do so. 

Keep Paintin’