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Had to put the Quins on the shelf for a bit.  I am gonna knock out some Tau for Kill Team. I picked up the Tau Kill Team box and the Stealth Suit guys and gonna start building them and setting up the basing.

I am starting to put together the models now and am building the bases. Here is the process I like to build most bases. I love using all kinds of materials!!!! Here is my mobile basing set up. I feel like the more textures you have, the better.

Here are a few of the containers of dirt I have, I think I used 4 or so on these bases. I have cork pieces, small stones, fine sand, medium sand and even cat litter (ALWAYS USE NEW LITTER!!!!)

So anyway, I usually start with using a bit of superglue and set pieces like skulls, helmets, stones etc. I like for them to be good and glued onto the base. Then I get my mixture of Modge Podge, Elmers and a few other types of glue I use to place the dirt onto.

Once I have glued all the stuffies onto the bases, I let it dry and then I get a mixture of the glue and some distilled water. I use an eye-dropper and place it on the top of the bases then let that dry. This helps seal the pieces together, and in my opinion, a HUGE necessity :)

After all this was done I sprayed them with some primer, and started slapping paint on them. For these, I started out with black primer, then started dipping, painting, spilling, and dry brushing different colors and washes.

Now it is time to paint some Tau!!!!! That will be on my next blog guys! See you then!!!!