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Welcome painters big and small to the latest edition of the Weekly Blog! As Dan mentioned last time around, this blog is going to be about sharing a more fireside view of the miniatures hobby with you all. I’ll be sharing my current and completed projects, things I feel particularly proud of and how I achieved them, and the things I’m not entirely pleased with so you can avoid the same pitfalls. At the same time I hope you’ll follow along on your own journeys and share them as well so we can all grow and further develop our skills on this journey! So since this time I’m at the helm, let’s see what sort of hobby trouble I’ve gotten into, shall we?

Most of my hobby time after getting the airbrush working at last has been spent working on my Battle Brothers Painting Challenge minis. I’m quite pleased with how brother Fee has turned out.

Image 1

The skintones were shaded/basecoated/highlighted with my airbrush over a zenithal black/white primer. After the skin was blocked in I went back over them with a fleshwash glaze in selected areas and anywhere skin met another texture. I wanted to keep the overall palette rather limited so the majority of the fur, leather, wood and cloths were done in the same colours, just different glazes and washes applied over top to change the shade.

Image 2

The other brothers will receive a similar treatment in the coming days as well to help tie the three minis together. The base work should help as well, since they all have a sort of stone plinth molded into them.

When I wasn’t working on my challenge minis, I was beginning work on my Menoth army for Privateer Press’ Warmachine game. I started painting one of the Warjacks,, the Castigator, from the Starter Battlegroup. Instead of straying too far from the studio paint scheme, I’m going to try and follow the tutorials the Formula P3 team post on their YouTube channel. A few personal touches here and there to make the army unique, but for the most part it will be a “studio” army.

Image 5

After spending some time away from the game (about a year or so), it was refreshing to see a few big changes to their models. In the beginning, Privateer Press was an entirely metal range of miniatures. Since then, they’ve gone on to include plastic-resin aka “restic” miniatures in their line, pure resin miniatures, and most recently hard plastic miniatures.

The most surprising of these new production materials has to be the hard plastic injection molded models. I was absolutely blown away by the quality of the sprues! The detail is extremely sharp and well defined. So much so that as a player who has been in the game since the early days, I sorely wish they had done this sooner!

That’s all from my bench at the moment. My hobby mission goals for the weeks until I see you all next are to have all of these models assembled, and most if not all to have primer and base coats applied! A tall order for sure, especially this little fella right here...

Image 11

So if you guys have any comments or questions about the stuff I’m working on, drop a line below! Are any of you working on anything Warmachine/Hordes related? Regardless of the subject, feel free to share your projects with our community!

Happy Brush Licking