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Heeeeeeeeey Hoooooooooo, 

Dan here again back on the cycle of hobby blogging. It has been interesting seeing what Landy and Jody have been up to, always fun to see different projects and how people are attacking them.  

I’m back up to hobby normality in terms of number of projects. I usually have to have 3 projects on the go so when I get bored, jaded, or need a change I pick up another for a bit. At the moment I have my A Song OF Ice & Fire guys, Star Wars Legion (Fresh in), and I began doing some characters for ASOIAF for the Paint All The Minis Facebook group’s monthly activity ‘MONSTERS!’ 

Remember this isn’t just me waxing lyrical about what I am doing, its more interesting to share and know what you are up to too, make sure you comment here, or even better show us on the facebook group. Its not about likes or comments, or your perceived level of ability. Its about you doing your thing and having a supportive group to cheer you along and share in your journey.  

But anyway, what have I been up to since we last chatted. Well I have finished up x2 units of Stark Sworn Swords

plus a unit of Tully Shields 


plus Grey Wind and Summer, Robb & Bran Stark’s Dire Wolves

My stuff is STILL in shipping, it has seemed like years and I am sick of it, so the job on these lads is not too detailed due to my lack of paint. I only have a few colours and the bases especially need some additions when my stuff does eventually arrive which I hope it has by the next time we speak.  

I enjoyed the challenge though. Going back to batch painting was tough but rediscovering podcasts & stuff I had done previously but had forgotten was fun!  

I only have a unit of Umber Bezerkers and some Stark Outriders to do from my kick starter pledge before I move onto either the Boltons or the Lannisters. 

I also received Star Wars Legion this week and I have begun getting them ready for the table. I picked it up second hand so the minis were already assembled and primed white. The storm tropers also had some of the back sections of their uniform under their armour done, plus they had been given a dark wash. So I am heading out to the shop today to get a white paint so I can go back over and leave the dark in the recess’ and pretty much finish them off. I chose a Mars type effect, red powdery, cracked surface for the bases for two reasons. One because I thought it off sets all that white well but also the most important. I had it knocking around and no idea what else I would ever use it on!!!!!!! 

After the white I just need to pick out some details and make sure the weapons are all done. I love the models actually very pleasantly surprised. Next job is to start thinking about the rebel scum!  

Finally I began my monsters for the Facebook group challenge. I chose Ramsay Snow & Reek aka Theon Greyjoy. Both monsters in their own way and I wanted to shoe horn in something I was doing already so I kill two birds with one stone. Here is my work so far on them.  

For Christmas I want to get a wet pallet. I am not sure if it is the environment I have moved to or just bad luck with the new paints I picked up but they are very thick and gloopy. I usually manage just mixing a little tiny bit of water into the GW paints but these current ones take the mickey and I will be getting a wet pallet (If I am a good boy and Santa decides to get me one) for christmas and seeing how that works.  

So that about wraps it up for me and my hobby blog. Looking ahead I hope to be finished with the Starks and the Imperials by the time we next chat and to be knee deep in Lannister red and rebel troopers. Not sure what colours to go for with the rebels, probably khaki/green combos though. We’ll just see. Also on the horizon is my maaaahooooosive pledge for Mythic Games’ Joan or Arc, the 15mm game. Not a true bonafide war-game as it uses hexes but interesting none the less. I should be getting that in Dec/Jan so I’d like to be finished up with these 2 projects before that arrives.  

That’s me! Make sure you come and share what you are up to, we cant wait to hang out with you and see what you have been up to. 

Keep Paintin’