Blam's Hobby Blog

Welcome to Blam’s first hobby blog!

I have a few projects I am working on, I usually have about 4 or so going at a time. The main project I am working on right now are my Harlequin Kill Team

I decided to go with the Harlequin kill team because I always wanted to paint a few of this set and I LOVE the idea of a small team of minis as opposed to an army. I also wanted to do something with this set I would not want to do with an army, magnetize and add some of the diamond paint scheme to these bad boys and girls.

Unfortunately, I do not have starting pics of these guys, but I don’t think you will be missing much. :)

So the first order of business was buying the 2 boxes of models, I bought 2 of the Harlequin Troupe and ordered some super small Rare Earth Magnets, I got the size 1/16" dia. x 1/32" thick

Nickel Plated and a matching drill bit and started snipping and drilling. I am just magnetizing the arms so I glued everything else together and then I started drilling with the arms and torsos This actually wasn’t a hard process considering the small sizes of the bits, the tiny magnets and my HUGE fingers! Getting everything drilled and the magnets put in took a few hours, but I think will be worth it. In Kill Team you can upgrade your team, so you I can just pop on whichever weapons each soldier is using that game.

So far I have only sprayed the models black and started adding the base colors. I usually don’t do this, but being from Louisiana and doing Harlequins, I had to go with Mardi Gras colors. Don’t judge me! :)

The other goal with this group is to do the diamond pattern, I am only doing it on certain areas. I am about to start on this part of the project. Hopefully next blog you will see some progress.

Here are some pics from my work table so they aren’t that great, I will take better pics when complete.