PATM Battle Brothers Paint Challenge

Hey everyone, it’s finally here! The painting challenge review video! There were loads of amazing entries this month (a whopping 23 of you). This month’s challenge, “Battle Brothers” tasked you guys with painting two (or more in many cases) models in the same army/faction or same unit and tie them together with the paint scheme. Loads of you were inspired to complete entire units because of this challenge which is fantastic, because now that means there’s another fully painted unit on the board somewhere!

While only one can win the title of banner pic for the month, there were so many amazing entries. A special shoutout to members like A.J. Biddle, Piers Brand, David Xavier and Sean Likely who were absolute machines cranking out awesome work above and beyond the pair of minis for the challenge!

Next month (or this month’s, rather) challenge is titled “Monster Mash,” it’s running from October 10th to November 7th. Entries can be monsters big and small, something that is gruesome, or menacing, monstrous or terrifying. The things that go bump in the night or the center piece greater daemon you’ve been meaning to get finished, now is your chance! Head on over to the Facebook group and get your entries started for the challenge.