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Here At Paint All The Minis CARE and ENTHUSIASM are at the forefront of our minds. We only work with people who share those core values and we hope this shines through in all the work we do.

If you would like to work with us to create and produce content or have a product you want to introduce to the community please contact us via the form below as we would love to hear from you.

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Here At Paint All The Minis CARE and ENTHUSIASM are at the forefront of our minds. We only work with people who share those core values and we hope this shines through in all the work we do.

Paint All The Minis offers you a wide array of interesting content for you to engage with. We work with content producers who are passionate about what they do and bring them together to produce Painting Tutorials, BatReps, Unboxing Videos, Podcasts and much more. We strive to bring you the widest breadth of content. Your support will help us to connect with more content producers and offer even more quality and quantity. We sincerely hope you enjoy PATM and our content. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and Website for the most up to date news.

meet our team.

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Dan Adam

Dan Adam is the Founder and Coordinator of Paint All The Minis. His goal is to build the PATM community and give our members interesting content and platforms to share and interact with on. He also hosts our Paint All The Minis Paint Ramble Podcast. A weekly podcast that you can access via our website, Facebook page iTunes and Podiant. Here he talks to people about how they ended up being a part of the hobby we all love.

He loves the hobby as it is a way for him to disconnect with the world and focus on creating and developing something. He loves meeting new people with similar likes and talking to them about the hobby.

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Patch Adams

Patch Adams has been wargaming and painting for about six years having taken the hobby up on the birth of his first child. He is a dedicated Dad gamer with three young kids only 13 months apart in age. His painting style is all about making best use of available time and takes pride in being able to produce complete well painted armies for wargaming in very short periods of time. He really enjoys helping others through sharing techniques that can improve their painting and enjoyment of the hobby.

Cutting his teeth with historical WW2 armies he has branched out into fantasy through Kings of War and sci-fi with Warhammer 40k. The consistent throughout his painting is getting the miniatures to pop by using bright contrasting colours. He considers himself an army painter with a focus on playing with the miniatures, quite often very badly.

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Bryan cook

Bryan Cook will be creating step by step painting guides to help you get your forces painted.
He is a big fan of 28mm scale and is currently collecting and playing Napoleonics for Sharp Practice, Second World War for Bolt Action, Fantasy armies for Kings of War and dabbling in Sci-Fi with Star Wars Legion, Necromunda and Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team.
He thinks the hobby is the perfect storm of artistic skill, strategic thinking and fun with your mates! 

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Landy Rodriguez

Landy is PATM resident monthly challenge director for our web and social media sites. He has also been known to dabble in video reviews for miniatures, models, paints, and other things he finds relevant to our shared hobby! He’s been playing tabletop games and painting for the last 15 years.  Loves sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk, and historical genres for games and miniatures from the usual suspects--Games Workshop, Warlord Games, Privateer Press, and many others.  If it's mini, he'll paint it!

Jody %22Blam%22 Boudreaux.jpg

Jody “Blam” Boudreaux

Jody “Blam” Boudreaux grew up in a small town where he was introduced to miniatures by the OLD playsets by MPC. He didn’t hobby for many years, only dabbling in some RC Cars, repainting GIJoe men to create new characters, and a TSR miniature set here and there, but nothing as impactful as the MPC playsets. After moving to Baton Rouge, art school, marriage, a couple jobs, video games, hitting 30 and many many hobbies his attention fell flat and he decided he wanted to buy a few miniatures and try to learn to  paint again.

He started out again with his first two models, a Zombie werewolf and a Medusa mini and still to this day has the picture of the zombie werewolf that he posted on CMON which has a whopping 4.8! It did break his spirit a little bit, but it was his first mini and it is still on CMON, still with a low score. He never put anything else back on there, but figured he would leave that guy up there to look back on. and see how far he’s come. He now customizes and paints single character minis, armies, terrain and is starting to mess with dioramas.

He will be blogging for PATM and providing you with with a vast array of miniature enjoyment and expertise.



Tyler is a native Coloradoan and an enthusiastic wargamer of both sci fi and fantasy. Starting back in middle school with 40k, Tyler became hooked to the hobby and never fell off, in fact, he’s more excited than ever! His favourite games come from Mantic Games both in the Warpath Universe (Deadzone, Star Saga, Warpath, Dreadball) and the Kings of War Universe (KoW, Vanguard). You can check out his stuff on his Youtube Channel, DreadPathZone, and/or right here on Paint All The Minis!



Travis will be producing battle reports and video hobby series for Paint All The Minis. He has been painting models and tabletop gaming for the past ten years, ever since that fateful day in 2008 when he sat bored at his kids Pokémon tournament and noticed his first box of Space Marines. Since then he has been hooked on all aspects of the tabletop gaming hobby. He is the creator of the Tabletop CP where for two and a half years he and his band of miscreants have been making battle reports and the occasional painting tutorial. Travis’ main interest is historical gaming, with particular interest in World War Two and the black powder era, and a dabbling in modern warfare. He has been known to play Bolt Action but lately has converted to the Way of the Lard and become a lover of Chain of Command and Sharp Practice by Too Fat Lardies.

Michael Cochran

Michael is a proud Saint Louis native and world traveler. He is currently living in Germany with his lovely wife and their two Pembroke Welch Corgis, Arwen and Piper. He is the founder and operator of the War Corgi YouTube channel which specializes in producing narrative focused battle reports for games including Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Age of Darkness, Team Yankee, and Star Wars Legion.  Michael will be bringing his enthusiasm for the hobby and creating battle reports to the PATM team.


Derek Sybert (AKA Gamer Drek)

Drek grew up in a family steeped in geek culture. His mother introduced him to Star Trek, his brother made him a Marvel Zombie, and his cousin opened the comic and gaming store that catapulted the then 10 year old nerd into a lifetime of geekdom. It was Dungeons & Dragons that got him into painting at first, then Battletech (as some of the mechs back then worked perfectly for the Robotech RPG). It wasn’t until the early 2000’s that Drek found Warhammer 40k (3 rd edition) and he pledged his loyalty to the god emperor… but no one else did.

Drek attributes his love of minis to his love of Godzilla. Something about the spectacle, the control of a little world. Getting out of 40k due to a lack of players Drek hung up the brushes around 2005. But around 2013-2014 he stumbled upon Dropzone Commander. Since that meeting Drek has been an active member of the Dropverse communities. He served as a Talon for Hawk Wargames and still runs the Origins Game Fair events for TTCombat, he runs the Gamer Drek youtube channel where he posts his Dropzone and Dropfleet Commander Battle Reports, he’s a co-host on the Command Value 1 podcast, the admin for the Ohio Dropzone/Dropfleet Commander Facebook page, and a new contributor to the PATM family.

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