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Project Showcase: Sharp Practice Peninsular War British

Welcome to a showcase of a recently completed project of mine, an Anglo-Spanish force for the game Sharp Practice. This Napoleonic skirmish force will grow in the future but for now it represents a solid painted collection that gives me more than enough to play a standard sized battle. Let’s head off to the dusty plains and scorched mountains of the Iberian Peninsula in the early 1800’s to take a look at this little force standing up to the might of Napoleon …

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WWII German Waffen SS Painting Guide

One of my army projects this year has been a platoon of German Waffen SS for Second World War gaming. These troops may have been rather unsavory characters but they make great subjects for painting minis with their distinctive camouflage and featured in most major battles, so are a useful force to have in your collection for gaming. In this step by step painting guide I will be covering how to paint these troops in their autumn/winter uniform and gear.

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