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WWII Japanese Imperial Army

Hi guys, welcome to a step-by-step painting tutorial for the Imperial Japanese Army of WW2. This guide and the techniques within are designed to get your Japanese army painted quickly, but also 'pop' on the tabletop. The two pronged attack of using a coloured spray primer and Army Painter’s Quickshade product will mean that you win that battle against your lead pile that all of us time poor hobbyists face.

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WWII German Waffen SS Painting Guide

One of my army projects this year has been a platoon of German Waffen SS for Second World War gaming. These troops may have been rather unsavory characters but they make great subjects for painting minis with their distinctive camouflage and featured in most major battles, so are a useful force to have in your collection for gaming. In this step by step painting guide I will be covering how to paint these troops in their autumn/winter uniform and gear.

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