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Episode 135: Why I love Age of Sigmar (Brent Henneberry)

This episode I talk to Brent Henneberry about all of the reasons why he loves Age of Sigmar. Age of Sigmar needs no introduction but if indeed it does then it is a 28mm scale fantasy tabletop war-game set in lots of different mortal realms. I always enjoy just relaxing whilst painting and shooting the breeze about games people enjoy, I hope you do too!

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Episode 121: Why I love: Relicblade (Nick Bogart)

This episode I speak to Nick Bogart about all of the reasons why he loves Relicblade, the fantasy skirmish game by Metal King Studio. I really enjoyed talking to Nick about why he loves the game and I am finding the Why I love Podcasts are becoming my favourite as I enjoy listening to someone highlight the things they love. Thanks to Nick for coming onto the show, much obliged & it is always a pleasure.

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