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Episode 128: Thibaud from Triton Noir (V Commandos/Assassins Creed)

game and the upcoming Assassins Creed game. Triton Noir is a company formed by Thibaud in Montreal Canada, their first game V Commandos was kick-started & off the back of that Assassins Creed Brotherhood of Venice, which sees an evolution and refinement of the V Commandos dynamic, came to Kickstarter recently and saw over 1.3 million Canadian dollars pledged. The late pledge is open until November 2019 so I encourage you to take a look at the game if you haven’t already. Paint All The Minis is an independent entity and that is my opinion, just my opinion alone but anything I felt that was missing in V Commandos, which is fantastic by the way and you should check that out too, has been addressed by the Assassins Creed game. Thibaud came across as an intelligent, kind, open, and enthusiastic person and it is always a delight to find someone behind something you love is such a great person too. I wish Thibaud all the best in the future and I cant wait to see what he comes up with next.

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