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Episode 131: Colin (Dish Dash Games: Skirmish Sangin/Ultra Combat Normandy)

This episode I talk to Colin from Dish Dash Games. Colin has created a number of skirmish and small force tabletop games that have a strong narrative aspect and lend aspects from his love of RPGs. As we talk you will hear about the games but the 2 most prominently featured are Skirmish Sangin, a modern skirmish game set in Afghanistan, and Ultra Combat Normandy, a platoon sized game set in WW2. Colin was originally from England but moved to New Zealand and his experience of creating games in that area and how technology has allowed him to distribute his work is interesting to hear. As with all of the episodes it is great just to listen to someones insight and hear about their journey, especially someone who balances a full time job & a hobby that not only fulfils themselves but also benefits us all by giving us great games to play, thanks Colin and keep it up!

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