Episode 112: Why I love A Song of Ice & Fire (Chase du Pont from On Tabletop)

This week I talk to Chase from On Tabletop about all of the reasons he loves A Song of Ice & Fire, the recent release from C’MON. 

For those people not aware A Song of Ice & Fire is a table top war game set in the Game of Thrones universe and pits units of warriors against each other with help from non combat units off the battle field and also a hand deck of tactics cards that can change the flow of the battle. 

It was great talking to Chase, it was fun for me to talk with someone else as enthusiastic about this game as I am. If you enjoy historical/fantasy war games then I encourage you to check it out as I personally love it and it is always close to the top of the suggestion list when a gaming friend and I are thinking about what to play. 

Thanks to Chase for coming onto the show and make sure you check out his A Song of Ice and Fire podcast which you can find on his facebook page if you like the game and want to find out more.