Episode 103: Sean Sutter (Relic Blade: The Moldorf Expedition)

This week I talk once again to Sean Sutter of Metal King studio and the creator of the Relic Blade tabletop skirmish game. 

I spoke to Sean back in Episode 39 so if you want to hear more about his personal history and Relic Blade in general then listen to that also. 

Its always great to speak to Sean as his passion, talent, and positivity really shine through. The main focus of this discussion was what has changed in Relic Blade since we last spoke and also the current (as of Nov 2018) Kickstarter Campaign The Moldorf Expedition. 

It was brilliant talking to him about the lore, the dwarves, the elves, and other assorted areas. Make sure you check out the Relic Blade game as it really is a genuinely engaging game with a cool story & amazing artwork.

I hope you enjoy the show.