Episode 102: Léonidas Vesperini (Reichbusters: Mythic Games)

This week I talk to Leo Vesperini of Mythic Games about the upcoming KS game Reich Busters along with updates for previous campaigns Joan of Arc & Solomon Kane. 

This is the third time I have spoken to Leo and if you want to hear more from him, his history, and Mythic Games’ and their work then you can go and check episode 54 & 59. 

Its always a pleasure to speak to Leo as his enthusiasm and passion for games shines through. Mythic Games are always up to interesting stuff and the Reich Busters game is no exception. In a nutshell it is a 1-4 player co op game of infiltration in a weird world war setting. Check out the Kick-starter when it goes live on November 20th.

I hope you enjoy the show!