Episode 94: Nick (British Legion YouTube Channel)

This week I talk to Nick aka British Legion from the British Legion youtube channel. 

Nick makes videos about his painting exploits, sharing tips and hints along the way. I enjoy Nick’s videos, he is always up to something interesting. 

This week paintalltheminis.com went live. This is our new website where you will be able to access the podcast and interact with us but even more importantly you will be able to get involved with a wider array of content such as unboxing videos, paint tutorials both written and video, paint diary videos, blog & other articles, and finally battle reports for a variety of games! 

It is my hope over the next 6 - 9 months to begin to work with other caring & enthusiastic content producers to give you all an interesting website with genuinely engaging content. Even just at the moment I am working with over a dozen people to provide content for it. 

It is exciting times for PATM and I hope that you are all looking forward to interacting more with us.

Getting back to Nick he will be working with us and providing some of his own brand of enthusiasm to get us excited about minis, his first video is already up where he unboxed The Bondsmen, a faction from The Drowned Earth Miniatures Game. If you like the video then you can check out Episode 9 & 17 where I talk to the games creator James Baldwin. 

I hope you enjoy the chat!