Episode 97: Michael aka WarCorgi (WarCorgi YouTube Channel)

This week I talk to Michael aka Warcorgi from the Warcorgi YouTube channel. As you will hear in the show Michael started up his YouTube channel to record and publish bat reps for a number of games including Team Yankee and Warhammer 40k, amongst others. 

Michael has recently began working a little closer with Paint All The Minis and at the time of this episode coming out he is just finishing off some Star Wars Legion bat reps to go up on the site after already completed the unboxing and painting videos that you can already see here at paintalltheminis.com 

Michael is exactly the sort of person who personifies PATM. He is enthusiastic, positive, caring, & he has boundless passion for the hobby. It was great getting to know him more and sharing the story of his experience. I cant get over his wife throwing his Goblins around in the basement but you will have to wait for that bit. I hope you enjoy our chat.