Episode 95: Sustainable Gaming (Jesse Ryan Chadwick)

This week I talk to Jesse about not only his personal journey into the hobby but also around the idea of making our gaming experience sustainable. 

Sustainable in terms of what we can do to make our gaming experience as engaging as possible for us for the longest amount of time. This revolved around 3 main areas, playing regularly, painting regularly, and having a to do pile that is manageable. 

Now I am not advocating telling people how to hobby, if your have fun doing whatever you do then do it. But I am very interested in exploring the things that people who have the most fun in tabletop gaming do, and wondering that if you maximise your fun and engagement if it makes you want to do if for a longer period. 

I do believe for me personally that when I play regularly, when I play painted & paint regularly, and when I keep my to do pile manageable then I have had the most fun. If any of those drops off then it has been a bit more of a struggle. But thats me, I am sure there as many different ideas on this as there are people who play. 

Join me and Jesse as we discuss what it means and what he does to keep the hobby interesting. 

Keep Paintin'