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Decisive Operations Hobby Blog May 2019

May was a month of games, I filmed about 6 battle reports for the YouTube channel. Almost finished off my very modest goal of my Cold War, Hot French. Missed it by one mini, but then again games like 7 Days to the River Rhine make it easy to accomplish projects. I did some major spring cleaning as well, re-organized my painting station and my miniature cabinet. This ate into a lot of toddler is asleep hobby time, but I was able to find some minis that I had no plans for and chuck them on eBay. This in turn gave me the slush funds necessary to finally take the plunge into Adeptus Titancus (thanks a lot Casey) but more on that later.

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Decisive Operations Hobby Blog April 2019

April was an interesting month. On one end I played no games, and on the other I did 2 rulebook reviews and a video report of Ultracombat Normandy. That being said, this was a slow month for painting. However, I feel like the quality of my work is improving and I managed to challenge myself by tackling different paints and methods. I really wanted to focus on how I visualize this blog. For example, I will refer to time periods when it makes sense over game systems, then individually call out the game systems as they come up. Game systems will be in bold and projects will be in italics. This helps me continuing the narrative of a project through the months. I hope you enjoy this entry and that you check out some of the other articles I have been working on at Paint All the Minis and my own blog listed at the end of the article.

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