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Episode 122: Thomas Stoesser (Stoessi's Heroes)

This episode I talk to Thomas Stoesser the creator of Stoessi’s Heroes, a company that makes historical characters to form part of your WW2 tabletop war-game factions. I wont spoil the story about how all this came about but what I will say is that the minis that are created for Stoessi’s Heroes are brilliant and would certainly take pride of place in your armies and give you a brilliant painting challenge.

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Episode 116: Dan Faulconbridge (Wargames Illustrated Magazine)

This week I speak to Mr Dan Faulconbridge of Wargames Illustrated. Wargames Illustrated is a monthly magazine by war gamers for war gamers that comes in both a physical and electronic format. They also offer a Prime service where you can get a more in-depth experience in the form of video content plus also access to their back catalogue which is certainly worth a look. 

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Dan's Hobby Blog

This week saw the 100th episode of the PATM Paint Ramble Podcast…Today (12th Nov 2018) also marks the soft opening of the PATM store…Now then onto my hobbying. I am done with my imperials from Star Wars Legion pretty much, just a few bits on the speeder bikes and Darth Vader to do and then I am finished. Same with the Starks from A Song of Ice and Fire.

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