Episode 148: Brent Amberger (Goobertown Hobbies YouTube Channel)

This episode I speak to Brent Amberger of the Goobertown Hobbies Youtube Channel. Goobertown Hobbies is a youtube channel I personally really enjoy as there is a lot of thought, depth, and insight included in the videos I have watched.

In an age of clickbait and also lots of videos/content that appears to have been put together to over promise and underdeliver I find Brent’s videos to be insightful and interesting. The way that he does his videos I appreciate, he never seems to be ‘selling’ anything, he just seems to be sharing his thoughts and his ethos, which is something I really enjoy.

It was great talking to Brent and it is yet another positive byproduct of this podcast for me personally that not only do I get to find channels like Brent’s but I also get to spend an hour chatting to him, it was a fun chat and I hope that you enjoy it too.