Episode 149: Sustainable Gaming (So What is it?)

This episode is the first of 4 episodes that will be released over the next month on the topic of sustainable gaming. Doing something in a sustainable fashion is something that I am incredibly interested in, along with why people do the things they do, plus also the external and internal pressures we put on ourselves in our personal and professional lives.

As I have got into the hobby as an adult I have both experienced personally and seen others gaming unsustainably. This could be over buying models that just sit there and are then sold, buying models to play games they will never play, or spending a lot of time berating themselves for not painting or playing when they want to.

I first talked about this in episode 95 & 96 of the show, so that might be a good listen before this one as you will have more of an idea of what I mean before we begin. In these episodes we also pull in how the hobby may positively or negatively effect our personal health, the aspects of this being physical/social/mental.

I personally believe that any part of our lives can affect our health and this hobby is no different. I personally try to make sure that the hobby is only affecting me in a positive way and these episodes are me and Mr Ignatius Fisher talking about what sustainable gaming is for us, in our experience.

A final couple of notes are that this is not trying to tell you what to do, if you love this hobby and it fulfills you then let no one dissuade you from it. We also dont claim to be experts or qualified to discuss this, so please dont take any thing we talk about as gospel or an idiots guide to happiness. It quickly becomes apparent that this subject area is incredibly deep. We hope that by listening it gives you pause for thought, a few nuggets to reflect on. And possibly a few laughs.

On a personal note it was the first time I had verbalized a lot of thoughts and feelings and it really helped me to figure out what sustainable gaming means for me. Please make sure you reach out to share thoughts, feelings, or things you do in the hobby. I hope you enjoy the chat.