Landy's Wishlist Wednesday

Gather ‘round, gather ‘round! Pull up a chair and serve yourself a cuppa. It’s hump day once again! Get your camels ready! (Just kidding, but seriously google the story about the chap walking his pet camel into a pet store!) That means it’s time again for another Wishlist Wednesday! So fluff your humps, get comfy, and have a read through!

First up, we have a bit of a fast moving wishlist item. Miniature Market is clearing out their stock of Wrath of Kings, with nearly everything on sale--and there are TONS of things to choose from if you have any of the armies for this game. I love it dearly, and am sad to see it going from the shelves of a retailer, but also know that this means that the game will soon be in the hands of more players like myself who absolutely love the system, the world, and the aesthetic of the game as a whole. I myself own three of the armies for it, Hadross (fish people, ho!), the Nasier, and House Goritsi. Now is the perfect opportunity to complete some of those armies as well as pick up the rest of them and complete them too. If nothing else, they would make amazing models for folks looking to add them to an RPG campaign.

Greenstuff World had a new release that popped up over the weekend that has me wishing I had waited just a few days longer to place an order with them but their shipping isn’t too terrible, and they ship rather quickly for being so far away. What is the new release? A whole new batch of metallic paints that have me drooling at my screen everytime I see them. 18 colours in total, 3 golds, 2 copper/brass colours, 4 silver metallics, 2 tin/bronze, and an assortment of coloured metallics. Guys. The struggle is real. There is no set yet available as the company wants to gauge popularity before dividing it into sets, but I gotta say, I think I want them all! I’m always on the hunt for strong, opaque metallics and these appear to be just that. If my recent experience with their products is any indication, I think anyone getting these will be happy as a clam!

And lastly, after Salute, there was a slew of teasers and previews of upcoming minis from Victrix, Perry, and Fireforge, just to name a few. Victrix dropped my jaw with their Roman Generals set that has me itching to get some Romans now, Perry has struck gold yet again with some WWII US Infantry, and also teased everyone in attendance with a look at some 3up’s of their upcoming line of Napoleonic French Infantry. And not to be outdone, Fireforge had their newest resin leaders for their Templar and Teutonic ranges. Since I’m still currently working on some of their Templar models, I about leapt out of my seat when I saw how gorgeous these were! I’m suuuper jealous of everyone who managed to pick up some of these at the show!

And with that another Wishlist has come to a close. I’m sure that by the time I post this, there will be some new shiny that I missed, or something sweet from Salute that didn’t hit my news feed, but if you see anything that everyone else needs to know about, feel free to share it in the comments section and let us know! Until next time everyone, may your brush points never fray and may your paint water stay chilled!