Landy's Wishlist Wednesday

Hullo and happy Wednesday fellow wash wizards! Another work week has slogged on, and we’re in the trenches of hump day waiting for sweet release! But fear not, because that means I’m here to give the low-down on the things I can’t wait to get my muddy paws on after work’s over! So put down the trench tools and take a gander at the newest Wishlist Wednesday!

Kicking things off this week, I’ve finally taken the plunge and bought a proper gaming mat! I ordered a double-sided Kill-zone F.A.T. mat from the guys over at Tablewar. I opted for the “Industrial/Underforge” backdrop since it’s perfect for Kill Team, Necromunda, or even small games of Infinity!

But as will all things, one purchase leads to another, and now I’m going to need some proper terrain. Over the last couple months, I’ve hemmed and hawed about getting some terrain for all of the games I want to start playing at home. Games Workshop has some great ruins sets out for 40k, and I’ll probably end up getting some more to expand my Armageddon and Necromunda collection. Death Ray Designs has some terrain suitable for Kill Team and Infinity that I’ve pined for for some time now. Corvus Belli, however, is nice enough to provide cardstock terrain in their 2-player starter sets, as well as sell it separately for those who like the look of the scenery but don’t want the whole set. The printing on the buildings and other pieces of scenery is sharply rendered in high resolution with nice vibrant colours where applicable. One of the only caveats about the paper terrain is that larger models or multiple models occupying the rooftops can cause the buildings to sag and distend, leaving them looking less than stellar. Carlos from Corvus Belli has stated that many of the buildings will allow you to fit the cardboard boxes that the models come packed in inside the buildings to add a bit of structure to them, which is great if you own enough of their boxes to fit all of your terrain pieces. 

This is where Warsenal steps in. They offer officially licensed terrain to expand your collection, including the amazing USAriadna Comanche Arapaho Position and  Cosmica Jurisdictional Control Building sets that are entire tables of terrain in their own right. For gamers on a budget or those looking to maximize their cardstock terrain’s lifespan, Warsenal even offers MDF blank sets to add weight and structure to the paper buildings for around $11 USD.

I’m definitely going to be getting those MDF blanks since I’d like to play demos with the Operation Icestorm I’ve got on order, and anything that can reinforce heavily used terrain is always a good thing.

Speaking of getting the most out of our miniatures, there’s a new game on Kickstarter right now called Zone Raiders. A sci-fi skirmish set in a post-apocalyptic setting that is more akin to something like the video game Destiny as opposed to Mad Max. The world we know is so far back in ancient history that the survivors of the world are tasked with hunting down relics and data from the days of old.

What makes this project unique is the ability to use any miniatures players see fit to use. So those Infinity models will probably make an appearance in a game like this for sure. But there’s nothing stopping players from using any miniatures they feel like! I’ll be writing a bit more about this game in an upcoming issue of Why I Want To Know More so stay tuned for that on the site!

That’s just the tip of the iceberg of hobby related things that have popped up on my radar in the last week or so. Have any of you considered papercraft buildings for your games or found any great terrain that can fit in multiple game systems? What are your thoughts on games that focus more on the mechanics and freedom of choice when it comes to miniature selection? Share your thoughts with us over on Facebook!