Are you looking at my Bust?

You know what, I have never painted a bust. When I think of painting a bust I often think of what it would look like and which one I would go for…

Just today I checked out Masters of Darkness - Hooded Death.


It was something I just chanced upon and I regret that I found this very late in the Kickstarter cycle. I think that if I had found it sooner then I could have chatted with the creator Ismael Prieto on a podcast and talked about his insight and experience. This is not his first Kickstarter campaign where he sculpts interesting busts for painters to interact with. 

What drew me to these busts is what I mentioned at the outset, I have never painted a bust and if I did I wonder what type of bust would draw me. I think Hooded Death is a cool idea and sculpt, even more I feel that it would be a really interesting painting challenge. The size, scale, concept, and the cast would offer a really interesting challenge & change of pace compared to what I usually paint. 


The skull and teeth would be really interesting to approach. The hood, cloth, and the different sections would be great opportunities to try out new techniques and ideas. 

The idea of getting a bust, taking some time to really think about what effect and technique I would use would be an interesting change of pace, it would be great to see if any of my techniques could be learnt and then transferred into my usual mini painting techniques. 


When looking at the Kickstarter I also noticed the other busts that are available and I think the set would offer a varied style and technique set that would offer a great challenge. You would also be left with a cool display for a shelf in your hobby area!


So there you have it folks, some busts that caught my eye! Have you painted a bust? What do you think if these?

If I was to pull the trigger on some Busts, I would seriously consider these, they look great. 

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