Landy's Wishlist Wednesday

G'mornin one and all! It's that time of week when I ponder quitting my day job and running away to join the circus. Except that it's not a circus, it's my hobby desk, and there's painting minis involved. Oh and there are often lions and tigers, and monkeys, but I don't have to clean up after them...unless there's an Agrax Eathshade or Nuln Oil spill. Ahem, I digress. What this all amounts to is another midweek slump, and I've got the cure: another edition of the Wishlist Wednesday!

As if the gaming gods recognized my neurotic tendencies about having matching terrain and basing, Austin over at Death Ray Designs unveiled a new set of Infinity/cyberpunk themed terrain to accompany their latest base range, “New Ceres.”

I’m especially fond of the sushi hut, but that corporate high-rise would be the enviable center-piece of any table! The neat part of this new range of terrain is that all of the vents,ladders, doors, ducts, bridges etc are interchangeable amongst the buildings using the integrated hooks. For the hobbyist on a budget, this means you don’t necessarily have to have the same entry points to a building or the same rooftop access--no two buildings need look alike! Especially since the buildings are sold as either complete kits with all of the accoutrements, or as unadorned (but still with burned in detail) boxes. I think I’m going to pick up a complete building and a couple of blanks, and a few accessories to deck them out.
Shifting gears now, after last week’s article my daughter and I went down to our favorite local shop to peruse the aisles of minis; we picked up a Reaper Bones Owlbear and a Rock Troll to try our hand at painting (despite her protests that she loved undead monsters and ghosts, but more on that later.) I also picked up a Citadel painting handle to help her get a better grip while painting (dad still uses old paint pots and blutac/mounting tape).

I walked her through the importance of preparation for minis (i.e. washing them, mould line removal, gap filling, priming, etc.) we managed to get them primed before we had to start getting ready for the work/school week, so I’m excited to be able to get to painting them hopefully this weekend. Initially the plan was to start with these and let her use some of my existing brushes and paints, but I found a shop that was clearing out Age of Sigmar Nighthaunt Paint set, so I snatched that up for her as a surprise for the coming weekend (shh, don’t tell her!) But we’ll be sure to keep the page updated with our escapades as we begin this journey in earnest.

As with all of the things in our hobby, one purchase inevitably leads to another, and this is no exception. After spending the last week or so perusing different games and potential models for her to paint, I’m thinking of picking up something different for myself to paint along with her. Decisions, decisions…any suggestions? Leave them in the comments over on the Facebook group and tell me what I should be painting with her and why!