Landy's Wishlist Wednesday

Today’s Wishlist Wednesday is going to be a wee bit different, but in a good way! At least, in this brushlicker’s eyes!

There are defining milestones in life as a parent that make your heart swell with pride and joy; the birth of a child, their first steps, first day of school, etc. One such milestone occurred over the weekend—my daughter said she’d like to start painting minis and playing games with me.

Y’all. I wept.

She loves tagging along with me to the Warhammer store in town, and to the various comic/game stores I frequent as well, but she’s never really expressed interest more than saying stuff looks cool.

I guess that little switch inside has finally flipped. You know the one. The one we all have inside us that flips and makes us love our little plastic dudes and dudettes. She’s even taken a liking to the Black Library audio books/dramas I listen to on the morning commute, so I downloaded the two new ones geared towards kids and promised to only listen to them with her.

She mentioned that she “kinda” prefers a fantasy setting, so perhaps the most logical place to start is with Age of Sigmar.

I’ve often thought about picking up a starter set and letting her have a go at it, but she’s not sure which army she’d like. She loves the colour blue, so assuming we get the current starter set Soul Wars, the Stormcasts of the Tempest Lords or Celestial Vindicators would be a good choice to try and paint up.

There’s also Warmachine and Hordes that fill the steampunk/fantasy niche with a solid pair of starter sets 

Both offer opportunities for boys in blue, either Cygnar or the Trollbloods. But I’m sure a blue scheme for Skorne or Cryx would look pretty cool too. The armies in each of these boxes make for great starting points in the Iron Kingdoms, and scale up pretty easily.

Other options to consider are Kings of War (rank/flank and Vanguard), Burrows and Badgers, and Warlords of Erehwon. Kings of War is easy enough to pick up in both forms, and I’ve got loads of minis from the Kickstarter that she could choose from, so there’s no shortage of options there.  Burrows and Badgers is another option since she loves animals of all sorts and would probably have to make a cat rogue or corgi enforcer of some kind. And last but not least, Warlords of Erehwon would be a good choice for us too since she seemed to understand the basic rules for Gates of Antares on a D10 system when we briefly played Strike on Kara Nine before our move to the house.

Ultimately, she’s gotta call the shots here, I’m just the bankroll for funding this new endeavor. Regardless of which game or models she chooses, I’ll be happy as a clam since it’ll be a good opportunity to sit and discuss the finer points of colour palette and paint water with her.

But what say you folks? Is there a game system or models I need to consider for our little family project? Let me know and share them with me over in the group discussion!

Now if only I could get the baby to hold a paint brush...