Landy's Wishlist Wednesday

Howdy partners! It’s been quite the seven days since we spoke last! Work’s been a bear as usual, but there has been hobby bench time to keep me sane! As matter of fact, I’ve got some new goodies to share with you all, including some Kickstarter games I picked up recently, and some awesome new projects that need some extra little special touches to make them perfect. So without further ado, let’s get stuck in shall we?

First, at long last I received my copy of Awaken Realms’ Nemesis board game! Let me start by saying after getting past the gorgeous rulebook and scenario sheets, I drooled on the alien beasties inside especially the Queen, but also I was kicking myself for not backing Tainted Grail and their other projects that have been on Kickstarter recently!

Get a load of that beauty! I’ve only had a chance to admire the minis and read through the rules briefly, but I’ll be looking to get a mission or two played this weekend! To psyche myself up for the game, I’ve been reading this wonderful audio book on Audible called Alien: Out of the Shadows

It definitely sets the mood and gets you in the sci-fi survivalist mindset! I love being able to really immerse myself in a project, and I can’t wait to get some of these painted up to share with you guys!

The second Kickstarter project I picked up is Hate the boardgame! Another project from last year that I was super excited about. Now, truth be told, I had some misgivings with CMON and had to pull my pledge from the game, but when I found out that my favorite local shop got copies in on a retail pledge level, I ran down there to admire the box in person (read: pick it up, stare at it intently for a moment and then run to the register).

This sucker is huuuuuuge! The game weighs a ton and is packed to the gills with goodies. Game tiles, dice, tokens, and all of the other usual accoutrements are present, but the star of the show is the minis!

A whopping one-hundred and three miniatures! And miniature only in name! The “Prince” models are all around 54mm tall and are so imposing when side-by-side with the standard warriors of the various tribes. In the coming weeks I’ll try to get some of the tribes painted up to be able to have a couple of matches amongst my friends and get a feel for the game. The neat thing about having so many models that share a similar aesthetic despite being different tribes means that if I wanted to, I could probably use these guys in games like Frostgrave, Dragon Rampant, and most importantly Warlords of Erehwon! Granted, they’re on round bases, but since they’re all on the same size bases, I just need to track down movement trays that allow me to field them in ranks of troops for games that require some rank/flank action and I’m all set!

Moving on to things that have yet to make my wallet cry, this past weekend at the Las Vegas Open, GW teased some images of their upcoming boxset, Shadowspear.

This was definitely a tease for sure, but the standout models for me were the Chaos Space Marines in the set, with their sweet Obliterator resculpt and the new Venomcrawler (aka, “oh, hello there arachnophobia, I had almost forgotten about you” engine.) As creepy as it looks, I’ve got all sorts of ideas running through my mind as to how to paint one up. I’ll definitely be looking to get a copy of the game and play swapsies for another half of Chaos Marines…probably.

So as with every week, that’s just a taste of the things that have my wallet gently rocking in the corner. A variety of projects are on the horizon for me, and I’m excited to get some hobbying done on these new goodies! What’s tickled your fancy as of late? Are there any games that you’ve received recently from Kickstarter that you’re digging into and painting up? Share them over on the Facebook group and make everyone else jealous!