Blam's Marvelous Miniatures Monday

Gooooooooood Monday morning Paint fam! How was your weekends?? As you can imagine, I painted MORE AoS Nighthaunts  :) I will finish them one day :) I am making progress, but when you have over 100 minis staring at you it gets a bit overwhelming. As I am sure MOST of you know :)

As always I stalked these boards and found a few peeps that really added some inspiration and ideas for some of my projects I am currently/will be working on, so I added them to this weeks BLAM'S MARVELOUS MINIATURES MONDAY!!!!

Dave Oliver, Mike Schaefer, Nico Libri, Magnús Rauðkinn Haraldssonand Adrienn Miklos Come on down! Thank you for being awesome contributors and sharing your minis with us!