Landy's Wishlist Wednesday

Top o’ the morning fellow miniature aficionados! I haven’t seen you guys since last year! (I love me some good ol’ dad jokes first thing in the morning!) Anywho, usually around this time of year folks like to make resolutions for their health, their home/work life balance, etc. But around these parts we like to make hobby resolutions. Resolutions like the following:

“I promise not to buy any new models until I’ve finished what I’ve got already…” Yeah, no. Time and time again as far back as ancient Rome, people have made this resolution, only to immediately break it (typically within 30 minutes of making said resolution.) So, instead of repeating the follies of previous Generals and reinvent the wheel or stop the inexorable march of models, I’m instead opting for a more focused approach to my resolutions and wishlist items that will let me keep them and still feel like I’m the better for having made them!

1. I resolve to better organize and catalog my painting supplies.

After moving into my new home in August, it took me a minute to get properly set up here in the new office, but once I was up and running, I got to about 80% complete and called it stable enough to work. But the truth is, I’ve got loads of paints of all shapes and sizes still in drawers, plastic totes, and Ziploc bags. I thought my Vallejo paint racks would be enough in the new office to house my paints by adding an additional rack or two, but it seems that even that won’t be enough. So instead of adding to the current setup, I’m going to save up my pennies for a new modular system from one of the myriad of companies that offer them. The first one that comes to mind is Hobbyzone, who has a wonderful modular mdf rack that offers a variety of sizes and trays.

The most appealing part of this setup is the way that it can build up as opposed to out. My work desk is roughly 24”x48” so outward space is a commodity. The sky is the limit vertically though. After adding enough rack space to accommodate my Vallejo, Citadel and P3 collections, I could then add storage trays underneath to house all of my tools and ancillary items needed throughout the course of a project. I’m sure that there are dozens of other companies out there doing something similar but if anyone knows of a good one feel free to shoot me a message or leave a link in the comments section on Facebook!

2. I resolve to get better at model prep work.

First, let me say, I like to think that I do a good job of being meticulous about seam lines, gap filling, and sanding models, but then it happens. It happens to all of us. We prime a model, we sit down to start painting and bam, there it is staring back at us laughing in our faces—a seam line we missed during the prepwork stage. Then it’s a choice of stopping to remove it, cleaning up the debris, and then repriming, or just saying the heck with it and cracking on with the painting. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve done it before. Usually with Reaper Bones minis as they are they main offender when it comes to seam lines to miss. Supposedly they’re going to be releasing a new line of Bones miniatures to help clear up some of the issues the minis have had, but only time will tell if they truly are better, or if they’re just seam lines that are hiding in the dark.

With nothing unveiled except a new logo, the range is still hidden in the shadows. But, like every other industry lie that’s been told, I’ll believe it when I see it. In the meantime that means I need to get better at seamline removal. I’ve already got one of the Citadel mould line removers that works like a champ on plastic models, but for metal and resin, it’s still good old fashioned diamond files that get the job done. But sometimes you have delicate areas that need to be worked on, or areas on models where a file would do more harm than good.

Hobby stix are little flexible sanders that allow you to get into tight quarters where there are curves that need to be sanded (i.e. cloaks, kneepads, greaves, helmets, etc.) The set of stix I have, are from at least two or three years ago, and the grit on them is started to wear down to almost nothing, but it’s been tough to find a shop that has them on the shelf. Flex-i-file is another great tool for sanding complex curves, but it’s better suited to larger models like vehicles, titans, buildings etc.

3. I resolve to clear off my current painting queue before switching projects.

This resolution doesn’t involve any wishlist items per se, but is as close as I’ll get to “finish before buying any new items.” Instead of fighting the urge to get new models, I’m going to try and turn the desire to get new shinies into energy for finishing projects and getting them off the desk and into my display cabinet.

4. I resolve to paint more terrain projects.

Over the course of 2018, I amassed a collection of terrain in all shapes and sizes. A good number of GW boxed games came with terrain, and the Kings of War Vanguard Giant pledge included a healthy chunk of fantasy terrain as well. Long story short I’ve got terrain for days, but hardly any of it is painted. If I get enough of it painted, I can start hosting more game nights here at the house (which will come in handy once there’s a toddler in tow.

5. I resolve to play more with fully painted pieces (see res.3 and res.4)

With a baby on the way (literally tomorrow!) I’ll have a lot less time to get out to the FLGS, but that just means I’m going to have a painting and gaming partner now! While I won’t be able to get him to start base coating minis or rolling dice any time soon, I will be focused on sticking to finishing those projects near completion so that if I decide to host a quick game on the kitchen table it won’t be so drab with unpainted terrain and minis.

So that’s it for this edition of the Wishlist Wednesday! First one of the year and here’s to many more in the coming months! Stay tuned for more!