Landy's Wishlist Wednesday

Top o’ the morning my fellow styrene addicts! It’s that time again when I wax poetic about all of the things that are burning a hole in a wallet this week! It’s been quite the long work week and on top of that the weather has turned quite miserable around here—all of that means that it’s the perfect sort of weather to stay indoors and paint! I’ve got this upcoming weekend off as well, so I’m definitely itching to get some quality hobby time in! So without further ado, let’s see what’s got this junkie jonesing for another miniature fix!

This week’s wishlist is going to be a bit different. As it happens, with spring around the corner, and everyone talking about new armies and such, I’ve been weighing my options for possible candidates for future painting projects. But, rather than just throwing caution to the wind, I think I’m going to enlist the help of you lot and see what the community wants to see painted. Below, I’ll detail my choices and reasoning behind them, but then I want you, the members of our great page to help decide what gets bumped to the front of the queue.

  1. Warhammer 40k/Age of Sigmar—the usual suspects here. I know a lot of folks have gotten their hands on stuff for the latest releases, but I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at some of those sweet sweet troggoth models for AoS, some Beastclaw Raiders, or Custodes or an Imperial Knight for 40k. I wouldn’t mind painting up something we don’t usually see on the page, and I don’t see many Knights in the group. I love big stompy robots, and wouldn’t mind having one of my own, or an entire army’s worth of them running around the tabletop—talk about low model count armies for all of those choices. That’s gotta count for something when it comes to finishing painting, right?

2. Infinity—I've played off an on since the first release some years back, but the game never really took off outside of a small group of friends. I’d love to change that—I wouldn’t mind picking up a copy of Operation Ice Storm and the expansion for it and painting it for demos of the game at the local shops to reignite interest in it. 

3. Warmachine/Hordes/Company of Iron—Another game I’ve been playing since the first iteration. I love the setting, the steampunk robots meet giant fantasy beasts and everything in between. It’s also one of the only game systems I have a fully painted army for, my good ol’ boys in blue, Cygnar. Over the years I’ve collected some of the other factions in the game, Trollbloods, Khador, Grymkin just to name a few, but the Iron Kingdoms setting is one where nearly every faction appeals to me aesthetically. I definitely wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to paint up a new army for one of my favorite games or finally getting a Stormwall for my Cygnar. Decisions, decisions…

4. Bolt Action/Konflikt 47/Gates of Antares/Warlords of Erehwon—Warlord Games had a strong hold on my wallet in the summer time, and the spring is shaping up to be another interesting season of releases. Especially with the release of Warlords of Erehwon. The beauty of the new game system is that there are no proprietary models for playing the game, so fans of fantasy miniatures from just about any range will find something they like that will fit a race listed in the game rules.  I myself have a pile of fantasy miniatures from different companies that have found homes in games like Frostgrave, Dragon Rampant, and Kings of War just to name a few. But naturally, what’s a new game system without brand spanking new minis to go with it, right? As for Bolt Action/Konflikt47, with today’s announcement of the plastic Matilda II, I think my Aussies are finally going to get some much needed heavy support! As if that wasn’t enough, last week Warlord also announced that they will be releasing a Commonwealth box for 8th army troops in the desert campaigns—perhaps my Aussie army will pull double duty in both games, getting a bit anachronistic with some of the uniforms and equipment for K47.

This is just a handful of all of the games I’d love to put more effort into, but this is where you come in! Rather than just leave it up to me, I’m going to take the feedback from you guys and make a decision based on what the community would like to see more of—be it WIP and painting blogs, battle reports, or how to videos if anyone is interested. If there’s anything I missed that more people would like to see, let me know in the comments section on Facebook and I’ll see what I can do! But anywho, is there a game system you’d like to really get more involved in, or build up more of a community for? Let me know what your favorite little niche is!