Blam's Marvelous Miniatures Monday

What up paint fam! How goes everyone's hobbying? I am still painting ghosties with rusty weapons, but I have to tell you, it is pretty darn fun. I am super excited to knock out my infantry so I can focus a bit more time to a general or 2. Other than that I am watching vids on actually learning how to play AoS and listening to Nagash on Audible to get into the project a bit more, probably overkill, but it is what i do :)

Enough of my ramblings lets get on with BLAM'S MARVELOUS MINIATURES MONDAY!!!! This week we have some grots, dragons, and even a fish... thingy that has me wanting to leave work and go home an paint some more minis!

Thanks Clayton Ellison, David Bedford, Lorenzo Erekosë Perales III, Reed Erickson and Jake Spangler for sharing your amazing work and keeping us all motivated to keep painting more minis!