Landy's Wishlist Wednesday

Hullo my fellow brush lickers! It’s been quite a hectic work week; leaving me to wonder how far the weekend is. But that also means it’s time again for another Wishlist Wednesday! This week I’m back to my scatterbrained antics as I look at some games and minis that have had me obsessing over possible future painting projects. Provided I could actually make up my mind, that is!

Thanks in no small part to the painting work of both fearless leader Dan, and page member Brent Henneberry, I’ve got A Song of Ice and Fire The Miniatures Game (ASoIaFTMG, for those who love to abbreviate titles, but I’ll refer to it as the GoT miniatures game or GoT game for short). Brent has been sharing his work with me as of late, and showing me how beautiful the models are, as well as how easy they seem to be to paint. And if that wasn’t enough the one-man painting machine Dan recently completed the entirety of the starter set and shared it on the page.

I’d be lying if I said it didn’t get me wanting to hop on the bandwagon at long last and get the game myself! At the very least, I’d like to pick up a box of Night’s Watch Ranger Hunters to try my hand at painting them and scratching the itch. Specifically these guys would also make great ranger models for Joseph A McCollough’s Rangers of Shadowdeep. With 12 of them in the box, there’s enough of them for me to field my Ranger, any allied rangers I may hire for a mission, and then any I want to share with friends to be able to play the game as well! They seem to have a good amount of detail, and they’re roughly in scale with other CMON games minis from games like Zombicide Black Plague, and Massive Darkness. If I pick up a couple of boxes from those games, I’ll also have my various beasties and baddies to encounter in Shadowdeep, so that’s doubly awesome as well!

That double whammy has me certain I want to get the GoT miniatures, possibly even the starter set to dive right into playing the game itself, and to have a healthy chunk of fantasy miniatures ready to play with. Conveniently enough, with the new season around the corner in April, I was looking for an excuse to rewatch all of the seasons—painting inspiration sounds like a good excuse to me!

Shifting gears now, as I mentioned last week, I’m excited to try my hand at campaign crafting with Urban Conquest for Warhammer 40k—one of the reasons is so that I can use the campaign as a way to grow an army for the game (most likely my Death Guard I’ve been beavering away on.) But as with all Games Workshop projects, I start one, only to be inspired by something in a White Dwarf or elsewhere to start a new army all together. My local GW store is trying to get folks involved in Armies on Parade early, with an ongoing event called “Road to Armies on Parade,” wherein participants will choose an army to start working on and slowly build and paint up models to new challenges each month until October rolls around leaving entries nearly completed in time for Armies on Parade. My first instinct was to use the Death Guard I’ve been working on, but then I remembered the Space Wolves I was amassing last year when their codex released. Then I also remembered the Primaris marines I was saying up as well, and the 1000 points of Grey Knights I finished painting (a proud moment for sure!) Each army could do with some expanding to really flesh them out into sizeable armies, but I may have also started considering getting my very first Imperial Knight as well…that’s like buying a new army for the new year, right? Either way, each idea has been occupying real estate in my brain as of late and I’m getting the itch to paint something new lol. Maybe I should take a poll and leave it up to the group to decide which direction I should go in!

That’s all of the rambling I’ve got in me for now. I’ve been theory-crafting and pricing things out the last week and that’s never a good thing for my wallet. For my paint brushes, however, that means they’re excited with anticipation to paint something new. What about you all? Has anything tickled your fancy of late? If you’re thinking of giving Rangers of Shadowdeep a go, what models have you been considering using? Share them with me on the Facebook page so I can add fuel to the fire and start saving my pennies! Until next time, keep the paint water frothy my friends!