Landy's Wishlist Wednesday

Happy Hump Day fellow brush lickers! It’s time once again, when I wax poetic about all of the pretty shiny things that have caught my eye or jumped into my cart when I wasn’t looking. Yes, that means it is time for another Wishlist Wednesday! Pickings this week were slim, but only because I didn’t have a good opportunity to do much browsing—spent the majority of the week after the last Wishlist at the hospital with momma brush licker welcoming my newest painting partner into the world and combating some terrible head cold!

Despite the chaos of the last week or so, I did manage to find a few things that caught my attention long enough to try and pick up in the near future. After GW’s open day this weekend, there were loads of announcements that kept popping up in my feed that made me hopeful for the upcoming release and campaign schedule.

The Urban Conquest set has really piqued my interest—some of my favourite games of 40k were played using the Cities of Death supplement in fourth and fifth edition, and this new iteration seems to have a lot of the same flavour. Setting up the cramped corridors of buildings and alleyways to draw opponents into asymmetrical battles where a stealthy squad of something or others could sneak up on a tank or monster and blast it to bits before it could do any real damage, or fighting over a cache of weapons and supplies in the ruins of a building, or duking it out over a factory in the city to determine reinforcements for the next game—the stuff of caffeine fueled, 2 am adventures. It’s no surprise then that between both the Conquest set and the new Manufactorum terrain set that I’m feeling nostalgic for those games.

In other gaming news, the local player who expressed interest in getting into Bolt Action has finally received his Russians so he’s begun assembling his hordes of soldiers and tanks. While I received some reinforcements for my Australian army, I think I received a good start to an Afrika Korps army as well in the form of an HQ blister, a mortar carrier Hanomag and an MMG team as well, so it’s back to the drawing board as far as knowing which army to build up and paint at the same time as his Russians.

The February issue of Wargames Illustrated is going to contain a sprue of either British Eighth Army or Afrika Korps; while I’d love to get my hands on the DAK, I’m sure that it’ll be totally random which I’ll actually be able to get my hands on. But I’ll take it as a sign perhaps—if I get the British Eighth, I’ll push forward with the

Australians and add a box of the plastics to my force. But if I get the DAK sprue, I’ll get a box of them instead and add some more items to flesh out the army in earnest. Exciting for sure since it’s been ages since I had an opportunity to paint and play Bolt Action.

Speaking of game play opportunities, my friend and I finally received our copies of the Nemesis board game, only to find out that the soldier mini has had an encounter with the acid blood of one of the xenomorphs during transit! In all seriousness, it’s actually a known issue among backers and Awaken Realms is already resolving the issue as quickly as possible so folks can submit a ticket to get a replacement figure for it. Either way, this isn’t deterring us from wanting to get a game in with these gorgeous models. The best part is since we each have a copy, I can paint one set while we play with the other and then rotate them out and finish the others! No downtime for painting at all, but I’m going to stick to a sketch/wash method on the xenomorphs to keep things moving along quickly. And as always, I’ll be sure to share the progress with you guys once I start on that project!

So that’s all for now from me; I’m probably going to spend the next few days trying to recover before getting in any real hobby time, but that doesn’t mean I wont try! I’ve got loads of projects taking up real estate on the bench that need clearing out. Anywho, until next time, keep the paint water chilled and I’ll catch you all next time!