Landy's Wishlist Wednesday

Avast ye brush dogs! It's time for a Pirate Wishlist Wednesday! So climb the ropes and let's get a look at some freshly painted booty and other treasures yet to be procured!

I've been beavering away on some reaper bones minis for a D&D campaign a friend is running so my desk looks like some dank dark cave (more so than ever before anyway). Loads of spiders, beasties and even some Drow! Can't wait to see how the party reacts to them mwahahaha!

In other bonesy news, I found some wonderful bones Ogres, a crusher, clubber, and a defender. These guys are going to be my challenge minis for the month and I can't wait to get them painted up!

Speaking of Battle Brothers, I almost went with the box of Menoth Exemplars arriving to me today, because what's more brotherhood-y than a unit of knights?! 

And if the idea of western inspired knights aren't to your liking, Andy Hobday and the Footsore Miniatures team unveiled some bundles for their Warring Clans range. Bundles include an all in option, an all samurai option, and some pointed army bundles for Test of Honour! These bundles also seem perfect for games like Daisho and Ronin as well! The sculpts are phenomenal, in particular the one samurai Lord with the fur cloak keeps catching my eye :)

So that's quite the haul of treasures! I can't wait to finish painting all these minis and the ones en route to me now. What's on your agenda to plunder? Anything getting swash buckled with a brush? Post it below!