Landy's Wishlist Wednesday

Hullo one and all! It’s been an especially long work week, and somehow it’s only half way over! On the bright side, that means the weekend is on the horizon and it’s time again for my favorite article on the site, another Wishlist Wednesday! So let’s push start this car downhill and see where the road leads!

Recently, some folks down at one of the local shops have been getting heavily into Guild Ball. I received the Brewer’s and Butcher’s Guild a couple of Christmases ago, but never found anyone to play with.  In a bit of cruel irony, Steamforged no longer offers individual models for the teams so none of the models I have are legal to play with anymore without buying a whole new team. So rather than look at it as a disappointing turn of events I’m looking at it as a way to get some new models. And ultimately, that’s not a bad thing, is it?

Looking at the current lineup of teams, I’m torn between the Morticians, the Ratcatchers, and the Fishermen’s Guilds. I’m not sure what everyone plays, but those are the teams that appeal to me looks wise, and as always, the rule of cool is law.

In other peer-pressure driven gaming news, I’ve also been contacted by someone interested in learning Bolt Action at the closest shop to me, so I’m going to kick my army building into high gear. They want to play a 1k game, so I’ll probably be bringing my Australians to the table (unless I have some new armies by the time we both have enough models to field.) With that in mind, I might finally get another couple units for the Aussies. In particular I’ve thought about getting a box of Chindits to flesh out infantry units, and a Bofors AA gun to round out my force. I’ve already got an M3, but a Matilda sure is tempting as well...

And lastly, I’ve been feeling the call of Chaos much so that I won an auction for some classic Chaos Warriors! And as if on cue, Games Workshop has a bundle just in time for Christmas that has caught my eye. I owned a sizeable Chaos army back in 6th/7th Edition, and for some silly reason I sold it off. It was the only fantasy army I fully painted too! 

I’m not saying I’m falling back in love with the idea of having a Chaos army flying the colours of all of the gods, but...well if you see me painting a Lord of Chaos, you’ll know why.

What about you? Is there a game folks have been getting into lately that has got you looking at new models to make your wallet quake in fear? Or are you like me, missing a game or army of old and wishing you could start it all over again? Share it below if you still have pictures of it! It might just inspire someone else to have another go at collecting that old army of theirs!