Landy's Wishlist Wednesday

Welcome ladies and gentlemen! Step right up to see the latest and greatest in miniatures and hobby related apparatuses! Come and see what other discerning miniaturists and model aficionados (aka, me) are longing for this week. Believe your eyes, it’s time again for another Wishlist Wednesday!

As I mentioned in last week’s wishlist, it’s been difficult NOT to want to buy all the things that have been on sale recently from companies—not only because they may be waiting under the Christmas tree next week either! Games Workshop was a big hit on my radar last week, but Warlord also announced their upcoming game Warlords of Erehwon, which I’ll be touching on in a future “Why I Want To Know More” article, so stay tuned for that one. Suffice it to say the prospect of a fantasy battle game somewhere between current Age of Sigmar and Fantasy editions of old has piqued my interest.

I did finally purchase a roll-texture tool from Greenstuff World. This tool will complement the Death Guard models I’ve been working on recently, since you can use it to make ropes, cables, tubes and tentacles in just about any shape. I’ve got a pair of old Helbrutes from the Dark Vengeance release a few years back that have some awful gaps in them. Normally this would be such a huge setback, but when you’re talking Chaos, you’re talking gribbly bits and mutated sections of flesh and metal—and this little widget tool is perfect for making all sorts of stuff to come pouring out from those openings.

I was also debating picking up some of their so-called “spider serum” to add some webs and such to some of the Death Guard models, but I decided to wait and see what direction I’m going to settle on with the paint scheme. Either way the serum looks like it can be used in all sorts of ways to add that effect.

And lastly, I’ve been browsing terrain options once again, and revisited one of my favorite websites, Deathray Designs. I’ve bought his base inserts before and loved the way they turned out, as well as the acrylic bases with movement trays for my Mantic Games Warpath Forgefathers army. When Necromunda released last year, they dropped a wall set that allowed players to add a really nice atmospheric effect to tables following the scenarios in the book. The wall sections are great for games of Necromunda, Kill Team, and other skirmish size sci-fi games where you want tight corridors and plenty of cover. As a sort of coincidence, they released a new set of walls and such to pair with the existing set of pieces or for use with the Rogue Trader Kill Team game, allowing players to add a vertical element to these skirmish level games.

I enjoy hosting a good game almost as much as being able to go out to the local game store, and I haven’t been able to do much of either lately. But, having a terrain set up like these walls, seems like it would transport fairly easily to play at shops as well as sprawl out on the kitchen table, so I’m strongly leaning towards saving my pennies for one or both of them in the future. If you want to see the walls in action, check out Ash Barker’s Guerrilla Miniature Games channel—his Necromunda batreps feature them in all of the scenarios from the rulebook.

So that’s where my mind and wallet have been wandering lately. Do any of you like to go all out on your tables for game night, or leave it to the shop’s available terrain? Feel free to share your battlefields with us over at the Facebook page and let us know what you’re working on or pining after this holiday season! Until next week friends, happy wargaming and happy holidays!