Landy's Wishlist Wednesday

Welcome ladies and gentlegerms! We’re fast approaching the holidays and that means that there are a good number of you still shopping for hobby related gifts (read: looking at all of the new upcoming goodies and wondering if they’ll be under the tree for you!) I myself have been ogling, pondering, and planning new painting projects; curious to see what those are? Look no further, it’s time for another Wishlist Wednesday!

As many of you have probably already seen by now, Games Workshop decided to drop a selection of Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar army boxes for preorder last week, and while initially I gave them a cursory glance and thought, “oh, that sounds like a good deal,” and even mentioned them in passing in last week’s issue of Wishlist, it wasn’t until I had the time to really look them over that I got that itch. You know the one. The one that we all get from time to time in this hobby. The, “well, I have been wanting to start a new army, and this IS such a great value, I’d be stupid NOT to buy it.” Which one was I guilty of getting starry-eyed over you ask? Besides the AoS Chaos one, I’ve taken quite the shine to the Death Guard models as of late.

As I mentioned last week, I previously owned Chaos armies for both AoS and Warhammer 40k. The Death Guard help a special place in my heart as being some of a handful of models I’ve ever primed white and successfully painted to a high standard. Naturally, I’ve taken it as a challenge to myself to see if lightning will strike twice.

I loved the character of the old metal models and initially thought the plastics looked great, but didn’t want to come off as bandwagoning, so I sidelined my Chaos army and sold it off. But now that I paint more than I play, and play smaller points games, I’ve started basing my choices more on what models look fun to paint as opposed to painting the latest meta lists. Fewer models for quick games like Necromunda and Kill Team mean a couple of things—I can get more creative with each individual model, and I can also transport fewer models to and from the game store.

Enter the Warhammer Carrying Case and House Delaque. With two low-model count games like Kill Team and Necromunda, I can easily fit them into the both into the newest carrying case from GW. The kicker? It’s a pretty affordable case at $35 USD. I normally don’t go all in for the licensed gear and whatnot for most games, but this seems like it’s a good fit for my needs.

So with that, another little list is in the bag. It’s back to the salt mines for me for now, I’m hard at work both in day job and in working on the latest video review for the painting challenge, so stay tuned to the page for that one. And in what little hobby bench time I’ve had the last few days I seem to have come down with some sort of…infection…