Blam's Marvelous Miniatures Monday

Gooooooood BLAM'S MARVELOUS MINIATURES MONDAY Morning paint fam!!!! How is everyone doing this lovely Monday morning? Not a ton to report on this end. In my DnD game yesterday my lil Dwarf Barb got his arm bitten off by a huge squid!!! I kinda knew it was coming, but it is still an awesome part of the campaign I am in. :) I am about to start building my Kingdom Death box later this week after the Tau kill team is done :)So I am very excited about that. I am also about printing some apartment buildings for MONPAC, and I am certainly gonna buy a monster or 2 for that... 

What are you all up to? Besides posting awesome fuggin minis!!!! Man, the work on here is amazing! How awesome is it that we have this amazing place to admire others work, collaborate and get ideas. I love this place!

Here are a few people that posted some awesome work lately.
Casey Madden, Samuel Lachance, Clayton Biber, Jez Allum and Benjamin Højgaard !!!! Thank you all for helping make this place amazing!!!