Episode 104: Marcin (Awaken Realms Fall of Avalon: Tainted Grail)

This week I talk to Marcin from Awaken Realms. Awaken Realms create board games that feature great minis. I was first aware of Awaken Realms through their This War of Mine board game that I played around a year ago. It is a really deep and immersive game that is thought provoking and has a very serious subject area but never the less it is engaging and interesting. 

More recently I backed their Nemesis board game. This looks amazing, the minis alone are great. Awesome space ship crew members and vicious aliens, a great painting challenge. The game looks equally brilliant however and the story seems rich and deep, the idea of a semi cooperative game is also really good. Most recently I became aware of Fall of Avalon: Tainted Grail. A new game coming to Kick Starter December 5th 2018. I personally see this as a refinement, progression of, and another spin on This War of Mins in terms of some of the subject matter the players will have to face up to. Death, injury, insanity, it looks great and I cant wait to hear more. 

This was the first time I have spoken to Marcin and if you are new to PATM you may not know that PATM is not necessarily a podcast about news or features. This podcast is a chat with Marcin about his personal insight and experience, we get to know him a little more, his opinions on things, his motivations, and his view points. I do hope to try and sneak in a podcast with him very soon to discuss Tainted Grail in detail.

It was a great chat but I felt that we were only scratching the surface of what we could have talked about and there are so many more questions I have for him. Fingers crossed he comes back on soon and we can chat more specifically about his games.

I hope you enjoy the show.