Landy's Wishlist Wednesday

Now that the feasting has ended and the wallets have had a chance to cool off after the madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s time once again for my favorite article of the week. In the pantheon of named days, it stands above the rest. Yes, it’s time for another Wishlist Wednesday! So let’s see what new miniature fixations I’ve got to share with you all!

This previous week was a holiday week, but alas, I was stuck at work all the way through. I did, however, manage to start painting the British half of my Waterloo boxset. And folks who follow the Facebook group will be happy to know that Warlord has been in contact with me about sending replacement books, so I’m thankful I didn’t have to send the whole thing back! (Especially since I had already begun assembly AND painting, oops!)

Anywho, with that sorted out, I can focus on bolstering my British forces. While my initial searches were contained to Warlord Games and the like, I’ve since expanded my horizons. I decided to pop over to the Wargames Foundry website. Woah. It was like the revalation in The Fountain.

The miniatures appear to be in scale with Warlord models so there shouldn’t be too much trouble fitting them into a force for Black Powder AND for Sharp Practice. The sculpts are nicely detailed and the poses range from marching to firing (which I LOVE).

As if the minis weren’t reason enough to order something, Foundry is running a holiday special until January 7th to get extra minis for every 8 or 16 blisters ordered. Normally trying to find that many blisters to order would be tough, but with these minis it’s quite the opposite problem! I’m going to have to have a long think before placing an order to make sure I’m getting exactly what I want.

I realize I’m probably super late to the game with such a massive catalogue of minis, but my goodness the breadth and scope of the range is perfect for so many of the games we’re all interested in. For those specific city states (Sparta for me) in Mortal Gods, there are a number of minis perfect to build your Lochos with.

And for those folks eager to get their hands on gladiator models for use with Joe Veltre’s Sons of Mars, there are gladiators of every shape and size imaginable! There’s even the lions and bears (oh my!)

With all of these and many more minis in their catalogue it’s plain to see why it’s such a difficult choice to pick just a handful to order. If that still wasn’t enough, they even have their own range of paints, many sold in sets or triads of colour, allowing for a variety of tones and shade/base/highlight combos.

And with that, another Wishlist has come to an end. Has anyone else fallen head over heels for Foundry’s range of minis and paints? Do you have any of their paint sets or have tried them before? Share your experience with the rest of us and share any pictures you may have! I’m pretty sure I’m going to get something from them, but as with all things, the proof is in the pudding (or paint as the case maybe!) Until the next time, happy painting everyone!