Relicblade the Moldorf Expedition: Why I want to know more...

By Dan Adam

Hey there everyone, in what is becoming a bit of a Paint All The Minis feature I’d like to share with you my thoughts about why I would like to shimmy on a little closer to Relicblade the Moldorf Expedition. It’s certainly making me hot under the collar and I may need to have a sit down and remove my sweater! 

Two things I wont go into here but I easily could are the fact that it is a skirmish game so that it is easier to pack up and travel with plus also it means a lesser model count so it is easier to play painted is not to be understated. Plus also that the game has a really cool backstory that is only going to be added to with the upcoming Kickstarter on Nov 23rd. Look out for the Paint All The Minis Podcast with Sean coming on Nov 23rd, check 

For those of you unaware Relicblade is a fantasy based skirmish game set after an apocalyptic event. You act as a benevolent being mustering a group of heroes to claim relics and shape the world for your own noble or chaotic means! 

Dwarves…but wait…DWARVES! 

I have always been a fan of dwarves in the fantasy setting. So many novels, movies, video games, and tabletop games include them and the truculent, stubborn, & proud little chaps always strike a cord with me. From seeing the above cover for the Moldorf Expedition I got a little giddy as when I looked I saw a few concepts that maybe buck the dwarf trend and I wanted to know more. For example a sneaky snide little dwarf git padding about in barefoot sprint a pair of daggers, thats not how we usually see them. We also see a more traditional dwarf but with overlapped ‘Roman’ style armour a pot helm, another great take and a new way of showing dwarves. But….this last guy! An academic? A wizard? Dwarves are often portrayed as close minded, stubborn, and suspicious of change or new views but we can clearly see this bespectacled chap is casting spells with reckless abandon, again something that maybe shows the Relicblade is approaching dwarves from a different angle, a refreshing addition. Not sold? Well just look at their beards. I love the look of their beards, shorter & spikier than you would usually see and definitely a great look that shouts dwarf but screams different. I cant wait to see the minis that Sean Sutter has put together for the dwarf faction, from the cover picture alone they look like they are full of character and breathe new life into the ideas we have of dwarves in the fantasy setting, with just enough of the things we already know and love to make us interested. I love these dwarves as they are the same and different in to what I would expect from them in equal measure!!!

Elves…but wait…

Ahh Elves, another staple of the fantasy world. Grubby, angry, sinewy, deep down dirty…Wait what? Not what we may usually expect and as I mentioned with the dwarves previously I love the way that Relicblade takes the fantasy setting we love and expect but rearranges it in a way that ups the level of interest and makes it appealing but not something we may have seen before. We have some comfortable aspects. Tree man, yup, working with nature, got ya fam, slight of frame characters, you betcha. But the way their artwork shows a grizzled, far from best pleased version of elves is another reason I want to know more. Post apocalypse has obviously given elves a bit of a duff hand and I want to know more about them, their world, and their traits!

Sean Sutter…

I am very fortunate with the Podcast & the Website to bump into some amazing people and Sean very much falls into that bracket. Sean is a one man band of awesome. The artwork, the rules, the lore are all are whittled from branch to product from wood provided by his own brain…Amazing. With this continuity we get a very refined and focused experience, there is no ‘horse is a camel designed by a committee’ effect here. We get a pinpoint focus of one person’s ideas. Sean is a likeable guy and having spoken to him for 2 podcasts now his level of enthusiasm, care, and passion shine through. I could name multiple practical examples of this but let me just name one. When you buy items from the official Relicblade store Sean will do you a personal doodle by way of a thank you and pop it in your package as a unique connection you will share. That is such a kind gesture and one that not very many people have the ability or inclination to do. I have mentioned previously about how it is important to me personally to find out about where our hard earned geeking money goes, we need a great game and product, but it is even better when you can see first hand the passion, enthusiasm, & care someone takes when creating a game for us to interact with. Sean is a great guy and one we should try to empower more to make us more great stuff! 

The artwork…

I saved my favourite part of Relicblade till last, the art! I bask on the artwork, I cant think of another word to use, I just love it. The theme, the atmosphere, the story that the artwork creates is one that makes me want to get to know it more and to simply spend time interacting with it. Even something as simple as the art work included on the digital roster sheet show care and attention. I cant put my finger on what it is about the artwork, I just love poring over the books & game items and looking at the artwork included. I have included a few of my favourite pieces below and you can see if it sparks a flame within you too. My thought often is that if someone spends so much time and care with the little things, then the bigger things can only mirror this. 

Anyway thats it for this ‘Why I want to know more…’. Take a look at Relicblade and the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for The Moldorf Expedition out on November 23rd!