Stop Making Excuses...Play Painted

Adeptus Mechanicus 

Playing with painted models adds a much greater feeling of depth to our games. Playing any game is fun but there is a much stronger attachment to your forces after you have painted them up and then see them standing proudly after being deployed, ready to charge towards the enemy. It also adds some really cool cinematic visuals that are great to simply watch or to take a few pictures of on your smartphone that look much more like the art from the books or the amazing vistas we all imagine between games! 

But painting minis is fraught with potential hurdles that prevent us doing it: No time, Lack of skill, No paints, Painting is boring, Tired from work…..etc.

The most difficult part of painting for me is starting. I do 2 things, I find something to listen to/have on in the background whilst I paint, and 2 I start…..

As soon as I do that it just seems to come out naturally & before you know it you have painted a unit. 

Lets face it, most of us aren’t going to win Golden Daemon awards….We just aren’t. But what we can do & what we can control is that we try to play painted. 

Necessity caused me to change up my painting style recently when I moved, my paints were in shipping & I wanted to paint but couldn’t. 

So off I toddled to a game store to pick up a limited pallet to show that with a little time & a little money you can get that grey plastic tabletop ready in no time! 

I did this so I could paint, but I also wanted to show how easy it is to get models tabletop ready with only a little time, money and effort. No secrets, no expensive add ons, no secret juju, just less $ than a new unit, & some time. I did not prime these models (Sharp intake of breath!!!) because I just wanted to see what happened, and they didnt explode!!!! They look fine, I would recommend that you prime all your models yadda yadda yadda, but I didn’t this time just to see. 

Paints used, all Games Workshop/Citadel Paints: 

Mephiston Red $4.25

Leadbelcher $4.25

Rhinox Hide $4.25

Mechanicus Standard Grey $4.25

Nuln Oil $7.50

Rakarth Flesh (Optional) $4.25

Martian Ironearth (Optional) $7.50

Total: $24.50 or $36.25 with optionals. 

So lets begin with number 1 provides a podcast (A recorded radio program) where I talk to a wide variety of people from hobby industry heavyweights to average Joe’s about the hobby. We also offer unboxing videos, battle reports, paint progress diaries, hobby blogs, & also written paint tutorials (for if you want to go into more detail than this article), so check out our content or choose your own and get painting! 

Moving onto number 2

Check out the pictures and follow along:

Step 1: Paint all the metal parts Leadbelcher

Step 2: Paint the trousers Mechanicus Standard Grey 

Step 3: Paint the weapon Rhinox Hide or Leadbelcher

Step 4: Paint any flesh Rakarth Flesh (Optional) if you dont want this step just do flesh Leadbelcher

Step 5: Paint the purity seals Rakarth Flesh (Optional) if you dont want this step just paint Standard Mechanicus Grey

Step 6: Paint all the hood/coat & the rosette bit of the purity seal Mephiston Red

Step 7: Use Nuln oil and apply conservatively over the whole model.  

Step 8: Highlights. Go back over step 1 - 6 but only pick out the raised sections/most prominent sections. It takes time & experience to know which bits to pick out but just do what you feel and see what it looks like. 

Step 9: Apply Martian Iron Earth to the entirety of the base, careful not to cover your model with it.

Step 10: Post your work on the Paint All The Minis facebook group!!!

So there you have it, 10 steps….…$25……and a little bit of time where you can get your models looking great whilst interacting with some cool PATM content or some other content of your choice. Plus when painting further Adeptus Mechanicus models you have all the paint already so the more you paint the cheaper this whole enterprise becomes!!!!

We’d love to share in your journey and your painted work, don’t forget to come and show us on the Paint All The Minis Facebook Group.