Landy's Wishlist Wednesday

Hullow fellow brushlickers, fear not, despite the doom and gloom of such a spooky day, it’s also a ghoulishly good time for us, because it’s time for another Wishlist Wednesday! This week I thought I’d do something with a bit of theme and showcase some of the things I’ve had my hundreds of eyes on! I was browsing the Broken Toad website again and found another awesome couple of busts. The “Hunger and Lust” piece is perfect for this time of year as a project to work on before the holiday and have on display as a center piece at a party.

The other is the newest addition to the lineup, titled “0.4.” This gorgeous bust has all sorts of textures present to allow painters to attack with various techniques to achieve all of the desired effects. I especially love the rifle she’s carrying; it’s got metallic areas, some nice spots to use an OSL glow effect, and then what appears to be a polycarbonate body, but you could easily paint it up in a carbon fiber look or with a high gloss to really add to the sci-fi feel and less of the hard sci-fi/military realism look. In any case, it looks fun for sure!

And what sci-fi horror flick would be complete without a big baddie to fear and despise? Prodos games has come a long way since their beginnings with the Warzone game; the miniatures in the Aliens Versus Predator board game they followed up with are simply phenomenal! Not only do they offer a massive Xenomorph Queen, but also a King model that just begs to be painted up in those well-known gloss black tints and covered in secreted resin (but from what?)

In other miniatures news, Angel Giraldez just shared some photos of a completed group of Ariadna troopers for the Infinity game by Corvus Belli. Angel and his team are SCARY good! But the minis themselves play a huge part in allowing painters to paint amazing miniatures with loads of crisp detail that pops on the tabletop. Case in point, page member Brent Henneberry has been beavering away on his own Ariadna army and they are coming out soooo good. When I spoke with him about these models, he echoed the sentiment that the models are an absolute treat to paint so it comes as no surprise that they’re a breeze to stay engaged with start to finish.

So that’s what’s been gnawing at my wallet like a tell-tale heart, begging to be bought. I’m sure I missed a thing or two along the way, but it can’t be helped, I’ve had more important projects/Halloween purchases to contend with on the hobby bench! Like this of soon-to-be terrain my daughter and I finished up recently! What’s on your bench currently, or what sort of new models or hobby related items are you hungrier than a zombie for? Share them below!