Reich Busters...Why I want to Know More

By Landy

When I was about ten years old, my dad had a friend build me my first computer. He told him to make sure that it was able to do word processing and other office applications, but unable to play computer games. With a wink and a nod, he agreed to do so, but the second my dad was out of the room, he pulled out a stack of floppy disks and began installing all sorts of games, including Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein 3D. I must’ve stayed up well into the wee hours fighting my share of mutated German soldiers, monsters, and the like. Needless to say, I was hooked.

Over the years there have been various movies, books, games, and comics that have fed my interest in what I now know to be called the “Weird War” sub-genre. So it came as no surprise when Leo Vesperini and crew announced their upcoming project Reich Busters that I was hooked from the getgo. Here are just some of the reasons I want to know more about the game.

As I mentioned before I love weird war in all forms. When Wolfenstein: The New Order and Wolfenstein: New Colossus came out, I felt like a kid again (just with a fancier game console and no one to yell at me to go to bed.)

My love of the genre isn’t limited to the digital realm either. I was a big fan of the board game Tannhauser by Fantasy Flight games from years ago and the comic book Nazi Zombies by Antarctic Press, and I’ve seen Iron Sky more times than I care to admit. More recently I have collected armies in Dust Tactics and Konflikt 47 as well.

Even without tangible items to go on, I have played in an ongoing role-playing campaign as a descendant of someone in the Vril society (coincidentally something to do with the same or similar premise of the board game).

Reichbusters seems to tick all of the right boxes for me—a fully realised aesthetic of the Weird War with all sorts of stylistic queues on the hero miniatures, the game boards, and the waves of German soldiers, zombies, monsters, and murderous machines to contend with, it seems to have a solid set of rules that make gameplay feel really cinematic, and a playability with a compelling campaign to keep coming back for more.

All of this adds up to an exciting new game in a genre bereft with pretenders to the throne, but Reichbusters definitely aims to be a hot contender for the top spot when it comes out.

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