Landy's Wishlist Wednesday

Hullo my fellow paint water connoisseurs, it’s the middle of another dreary work week, but fear not, for there’s light at the end of the tunnel, and no it’s not just a freight train coming your way, but another Wishlist Wednesday! This rendition of the Wishlist is coming to you live from the new Paint All The Minis site, so without further ado, let’s get down to the nitty gritty!

This week, there’s a good number of minis and mini-related items that have tickled my fancy! For starters, I’ve been eyeing the minis by Lucid Eye Miniatures for their Red Book of the Elf King game that hits shelves soon. Most if not all of the range is sculpted by Steve Saleh, and it has a really nice throwback/oldschool feel to it. And if the minis weren’t enough to get people talking about it, the rules are written by none other than Rick Priestly himself. Consider my interest thoroughly piqued!

Red Book of The Elf King

In the run up to the release of the game, they are running preorder specials for 2 player starter bundles that contain all of the models, cards, and rules needed to get a game going! Quite the value when you consider the quality of the models, the number of models you’re getting, and all of the rules and cards needed to play the game as intended. I’m going to be hard pressed not to get this one for sure.

What brief time I had to browse the web today, I stumbled across a new bust from BrokenToad titled “Open Wide,” featuring quite the nefarious looking tooth fairy reminiscent of the tooth fairies from Hellboy II: The Golden Army.

Tooth Fairy

I jokingly wondered with the missus if we bought it we might be able to convince the little one to do abetter job of brushing her teeth if she knew the tooth fairy looked like that. All joking aside, I really love the sculpt and the dynamic pose of such a simple project. I had planned to order some brushes from Broken Toad, but since they’re all out of stock at the moment, I might have to just “settle” for some sweet busts. I’m quite torn between that little guy and these other two:


Rage from Steamforge Games’ Guild Ball game


And Brisket, also from Guild Ball.

Both have soooo much detail that they are lengthy projects to do proper justice to, but would really allow me to try out some new techniques and really push myself to do better and “git gud” as the kids say these days.

Speaking of raising the bar to another level, Carolus Kirchner from the group has been churning out a slew of Ultramarines, namely an honour guard for Robot Girlyman, and this amazing conversion of Marneus Calgar. I have always been a fan of Calgar in his special Terminator suit, but always wondered why there wasn’t a plastic version. Well after seeing this bad boy pop up on the group, I’ve gotta have the recipe of bits used to make this so I can homebrew something similar for my Space Wolves!

So that’s all from my Wishlist this week, there are new models to ogle and ooh and ahh, but as of today these are the ones that caught my eye and made me wish I was sitting at the desk kit bashing something or prepping new shiny models. Did I miss something you feel I need to check out or get my grubby mitts on? Share it below, and as always, be sure to serve your paint water chilled, dressed with lime and salt!

Marneus Calgar