Blam's Marvelous Miniatures Monday

What up boys and girls?? It is yet another Monday and I am guessing none of us have won the lottery, so we are about to start working instead of painting. :)

So this weekend your boy Blam got to play a lil DND and I started putting a Tau kill team box, a box of stealth suits and a kill team terrain Box... Unfortunately, I didn't get to slap any paint on anything, but that will change soon :)

I am loving all the posts on here, everyone here is soooo fuggin talented, I should just do screenshots of this whole page and just tag everyone in the group every Monday morning for this :) Amazing work from all of you, you make it hard for me to post my work on here LOL. 

But I will not do that, I am gonna give a shout out to these couple of peeps :)