Landy's Wishlist Wednesday

Atten-shunnnnn! Get on the ready line troopers it’s time again for another humpday drop! Klaxons are sounding and the green light is on, it’s time to dive into another Wishlist Wednesday!

Since we last spoke my workbench has become a hotbed for Kaiju action! I’ve started working on my Monsterpocalypse set and so far it’s off to a great start I think! One of the local shops is going to be hosting a tournament/kickoff day in a couple of weeks, so the goal is to have an entire playable force painted up by then—no pressure at all lol!

In other news related to last week’s wishlist, I ordered some bases for my Mortal Gods: Test of Courage Lochos (force) from Sarissa Precision. Not only were they a great price, but Sarissa also started offering shipping worldwide for £2.50! A great deal by any stretch for sure!

Aside from the expansive range of mdf bases they offer for various games, Sarissa has a variety of terrain pieces for different genres and scales! I’m definitely going to place another order with them soon.

So moving onto new addictions, I did a thing the other day and backed Privateer Press’s new Kickstarter for Level 7: Omega Protocol.  It’s part dungeon dive, part survival horror, and all cool, with some really nice sculpts for the game pieces in the set. The game actually came out in 2013, but quickly sold out first and second printings of the game. The Kickstarter is for the third printing of the game, along with an expansion pack and some new bonus content and rules updates for a new edition! I missed it the first time around, so I quickly jumped on the opportunity to pick up a copy.

The best part? To go “All-In” it’s only $125 USD! Granted, it’s not as expansive as some other board game projects have been ( I’m looking at you, Mythic Battles, Nemesis, Zombicide, et all), but it’s a complete board game from an established company that generally has a good track record with getting their products out in a timely fashion and resolving any issues that occur.

Mind you, I have a couple of Kickstarters heading my way soon, so I won’t be want for a game to play anytime soon, but locking this in now ensures that when it ships (estimated to be around June or sooner), it’ll be like a present to myself from the past!

Speaking of those games en route to me, I have a Kings of War Vanguard Giant Pledge and an all-in pledge for Nemesis coming before the year’s end. You can be sure they’ll be making an appearance in the Wishlist when they get here!

That’s all of the new items I’ve spotted over the last few days that have made my wallet tremble in fear.  A good majority of the things that I have seen folks painting and uploading to the group have really gone a long way to making me want to pick up some new models to try my hand at stuff. Namely folks like page member Andrew Arrowood who managed to snag numerous well deserved awards at Armies on Parade this weekend with his disgusting collection of Nurgle models! There are so many eye catching pieces in the army that it’s tough to pick just one, but that old school Predator he painstakingly converted with gribbly bits is probably top billing! Shortly after seeing all of the models all together I found myself browsing the dangerous Games Workshop website and looking at starting a Nurgle themed Kill Team...oops lol

Well that about does it for this edition of the Wishlist! Are there any models you’ve had your eye on this past week, or anything you think I should look into adding to the collection? Get those keys clacking and leave it in the comments below!