WWII German Heer Grenadiers Painting Guide

Hi guys, welcome to another step-by-step painting guide. This time for WW2 German army (Heer) infantry of the years of the war. This guide is a little different to how I usually do them, instead of painting a group of models from beginning to end, the guide is broken up into the different parts of the model, but is still step by step. This should allow you to paint your late war German infantry, no matter what variation of uniform they have.

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Episode 124: Why I love Moonstone (Dan)

This episode I talk to Dan about all of the reasons why he loves Moonstone. You may remember in episode 123 I spoke to Tom Greenway about his personal history and also Moonstone from a creators standpoint. As you know Paint All The Minis is about generating and sharing goodwill in the hobby community and it has been great to put together 2 Moonstone podcasts to try to get more people aware of this game as it is one I have a genuine interest in. It is always great when you have an interest in something and when you look a little closer it only pulls you further in. Tom seems a really genuine and positive person. Moonstone is innovative and engaging. I wish the game all the best and it has been great learning more about it over the last 6 - 8 weeks.

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Paint review: Jo Sonja’s Artist’s Acrylics

What would it be like going back to basics, and painting your minis using oldskool artist’s acrylics?

Jo Sonja paints are now available in the UK in P3-style pots, aimed at model-makers and miniature painters alike. Peter spent a few days testing them to get a feel for smoothness, blendability, airbrushability as well as durability. Dive in and see how he got on.

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Episode 123: Tom Greenway (Moonstone: Goblin King Games)

This episode I talk to Tom Greenway of Goblin King Games. Tom created the tabletop skirmish game Moonstone. It features a number of innovative features and components that make the game truly stand out from others such as the melee and arcane components along with some amazing minis full of character. I won’t spoil any of the conversation but I will say that there is a current Kickstarter for Moonstone available and will be until April 12, so if you are a prompt listener you can take a look, and if you are listening to us in the future then there is still an opportunity to hear if Moonstone is for you and you can take a look and see if it is for you.

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Can I like 40k? Part 2

Hello there and welcome to part two of my series on ‘Can I like 40k?’. Last article I wrote about painting the minis I got from the First Contact box and also the easy build sets.

It is also important to note that I am not looking to influence you in any way, merely to give you something to read that is of mild interest, and to maybe make you think about if you indeed would like to try 40k, or to try something else in our hobby. 

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Star Wars Legion Endor Campaign Ep 5: Sound the Alert!

Michael and Max face off in the second battle report for their ongoing Endor Campaign series. Han Solo, Princess Lea, and Chewbacca lead the rebel attack against Imperial forces attempting to alert their command of rebel presence on the moon. Of course Stormtrooper officer Lt. Koba is back to lead the Imperial forces in this penultimate mission for the campaign! If you did not check out the previous episodes of the series, make you go back and watch them first to catch up on the action. We posted the Campaign Rules on the Paint All the Minis Facebook page, so why not join us there to follow along and stay for the great community.

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Necromunda Goliath Gang

Welcome to the Underhive for a step by step painting guide for the gangs of House Goliath. I loved the original Necromunda back in the 90’s, so to continue the nostalgia trip I will be painting these new miniatures in the classic colour scheme red and black with distinctive green mohawks. Read on for a comprehensive guide on how to paint the miniatures pictured above.

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Episode 122: Thomas Stoesser (Stoessi's Heroes)

This episode I talk to Thomas Stoesser the creator of Stoessi’s Heroes, a company that makes historical characters to form part of your WW2 tabletop war-game factions. I wont spoil the story about how all this came about but what I will say is that the minis that are created for Stoessi’s Heroes are brilliant and would certainly take pride of place in your armies and give you a brilliant painting challenge.

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Star Wars Legion Endor Campaign Ep 4: Gear Up!

Michael and Max face off in the first battle report of their Endor Campaign Series. Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Chewbacca lead the rebels in a mission to recover supplies cached on the moon. This routine mission becomes much more complicated when an Imperial patrol lead by Lt. Koba stumbles upon their location! If you did not check out the previous episodes of the series, make you go back and watch them before continuing. We posted the Campaign Rules on the Paint All the Minis Facebook page, so why not join us there to follow along and stay for the great community there!

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Decisive Operations Hobby Blog!

A lot of awesome progress has happened since I last wrote. I’ll do a quick catch up to the status of my projects and I will talk about the Bolt Action Mediterranean Tournament that I participated!

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