Episode 144: Mike Hutchinson (Gaslands)

This episode I speak to Mike Hutchinson the writer of Gaslands, the post apocalyptic game of vehicular combat and racing, and also the upcoming game A Billion Suns which comes in 2020.

I loved talking to Mike as his demeanour, candour, and insight makes for a great chat. Its obvious from our chat that he is a positive & hard working guy and there were so many threads I would have liked to chase down but alas time marched ever on and I could ask all I wanted to. One key area that came up in our pre show and mid show chat was the idea of having a growth mindset, if you aren’t aware of what a growth mindset is then go and do some reading on it as it is something that I truly believe that can help in personal and professional situations. Carol Dweck is the person you need to look into.

Its something I dont claim to be perfect at, and Mike quite rightly pulls me up on some slack thoughts I put out there in regard to games but there is a common thread that pops up regularly on the show with people who have ‘done something’ in the hobby industry and that is their ability and craft are developed and honed with time and experience. Sounds simple and straight forward when you read of it but the execution is what separates people like Mike from other people who maybe have a great idea but just dont ever do anything with it.

I really do hope that I manage to get Mike back onto the show in the future as the hour literally flew by and it was a true pleasure.

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Episode 143: Olly Gibson (Liberum Esse & PATM)

This week I talk to Olly Gibson an average Joe just like you and me who enjoys the hobby but also has his YouTube channel Liberum Esse where he posts his thoughts. I will let Olly tell you what this means in due course. The show was a run rambly chat as it should be and covers a wide variety of things. It was great speaking to him and it is people like Olly that have made, will make, and currently make my experience in this hobby a positive one. I really subscribe to OIly’s ideas and the way he goes about things, very laid back, down to earth, and positive. I hope you enjoy the show!

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WW2 Australian Matilda Tanks painting guide

Welcome to another step-by-step painting guide, this time for the Australian Matilda II tanks operating in the jungles of the Pacific in the Second World War. The method can easily be adapted for other Australian, US or British vehicles in the Pacific or Burma. This guide is also great for any Sci-fi vehicles you may like to have in a muddy or jungle setting.

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A Visit to RopeCon 2019

In this week’s video Hendrik takes you along to RopeCon, the largest volunteer-organized Roleplaying and Tabletop Convention in Europe! We check out the Academic Seminar and check out everything else the Con has to offer, from an amazing boardgames library with over 900 games to beautiful tables for tabletop games.

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Episode 142: Alessio Cavatore (River Horse Games): What makes a good game?

This week I talk once again to Alessio Cavatore of River Horse Games. I spoke to Alessio back in episode 51 so if you want more info on his personal history then go and check that out. In this episode we talk about what he has been up to since our last chat, we poke about the diverse set of games and activities he has been up to with some huge and well known IP’s, and we also talk about what he thinks makes a good game. I am really enjoying revisiting previous podcast guests and asking them what they think makes a good game. Both Lardy Rich and Joseph McCollough have been on recently with their opinions and it has been so interesting to hear their opinions. From reenacting historical scenarios, to narratives, to sophistication though simplicity of rule set. Its always fun talking to Alessio and I hope you enjoy the show!

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Weathering Tutorial

After the last tutorial I posted was so well received, I thought I would share another one, albeit a bit more polished than the last one! For the month’s painting challenge, the task is to weather a project to the extreme! For my project, I’m working on doing a piece of Deadzone terrain. These pieces paint up easily and look great without much effort, and when properly weathered, they look so good! Weathering terrain, machines, and vehicles is one of my favorite aspects of the hobby, so it was only natural that I combined the two in this little tutorial. Without further ado, let’s get down to it!

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Episode 141: Mantic's Ronnie Renton (Kings of War 3rd edition et al)

This week I speak once again to Ronnie Renton of Mantic Games. We have a catch up on his BBQ technique, Dungeon Saga, The Walking Dead: Call to Arms skirmish game (an expansion to the All Out War narrative), along with Kings of War Vanguard & also the announcement of Kings of War third edition. Always fun talking to Ronnie and I hope you enjoy the show.

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Episode 140: Joseph McCullough (What Makes a Good Game?)

This week I speak once again to Joseph McCullough the creator of Frostgrave, Rangers of Shadow Deep,and Oathmark to name just 3. In this show we talk about what has been happening with him since we last spoke in episode 106, we also talk about his opinion on what makes a good game. He highlights the holy trinity that may be at odds with each other. If you haven’t heard from Joseph before I recommend going back to episode 66 for our first chat, then to 106, and then this one. Reason being is that in my first chats with people I tend to get to know them and their history. Subsequent ones we refer back to that but delve deeper into subjects. 

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Episode 139: Stuart M (Great Escape Games)

This week I speak to Stuart of Great Escape Games. Great Escape Games not only offers a wide variety of interesting rule sets such as Dead Man’s Hand, a western style skirmish game, Iron Cross, 1914, Seven Days to the River Rhine, all table top war games in a variety of eras, but they also offer miniatures in ranges that may not be offered by other companies in the eras we play. Romanians, Mountain Italian Alpini, Greek Mountain troops to name 3 such ranges from the WW2 era.

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